Wednesday, 25 March 2009


How excited were we all wen we saw the search bit for the starbazzars?!?! well i think its now right near the top of the list for stardoll's worst decsions EVER!!!!!
They have acctually made the stealing scammers life 10 times friggin easier!!!
i have had endless ammounts of people sayin they have lost items in a trade & cant get them back all because of that stupid thing!!!!!!!
so since stardoll probably wont do begga all about it here r a few tips on trading now . . . . .

1 - try n trade very early hours of the mornin or any other time wen its not quite so busy!!!
2 - u r now gna av 2 get the item at lightening speed!!! so if ur computer is goin a little slow . . then wait!!!
3 - & as i always say go with ur instincts!!!! if u have a bad feeling dont do it!!! coz trust me they r usually right!

jus a quick note . .
now i no how happy people r wen they find old dkny etc i recall screamin so loud once that i made my fiancee die on the xbox wen i found a very rare item!! lool oopps . . . . but if u find out it was in a trade just give it back!!! i no its slightly heartbreakin but jus think how u wud feel if the same thing happened 2 u!!

so remember 2 be even more careful now luvvies!!


  1. I haven't had any freakin luck with that search bar yet! I found an off shoulder for 60sd but thats about it :( But as boo said "GIVE IT BACK"'d be piiiiissed if it happened to you

  2. Listen to Carmen who listened to Boo!
    If you want to have a memorie of the item before u return it save ur doll in ur album and sell it back!