Thursday, 30 June 2011

A FEW changes :)

Hey girlies how are we all??
Hope everyone is good & has missed me just a little? :) Anyway im back, exams done so just slightly less stressed 4 now!
Over the last few weeks iv been popping on sd every now then, so i have of course racked up a whole desktop full of whack-a-doodles. . heres a couple to get ya back in the swing of things, then then i have a few changes to tell ya about . .

N this is just 1 day of requests lol I will try n get as many done as possible over the next few days!
Sooo im sure u have noticed a FEW changes . .
1. Im sure a few of you will notice my banner no longer says The Fashion Side & Ugly Side of Stardoll as there is as of an hour ago no Fashion Side anymore, sorry to anyone who reads but with noone commenting there was no point
2. I gave this blog a HUGE makeover that it really needed, so im sure you have noticed EVERYTHING has moved . .

Pretty much say it all lol

* New reggae playlist
(You know you have missed my wacky music taste a little :)
* Recent comments, recent & popular posts
* Archive
* Labels (scammer/hacker etc list)
* Follow, share & join
* Views & recent visitors
* Your writers

So anyway i really hope you like the makeover & i have missed ya all!! Also im now about to add a Suggestions tab so please check that out :)

Monday, 27 June 2011

Stardoll Glitches

Ok so i found a few glitches stardoll failed to do right (if that makes sense) and most are including the new tribute store, which in my opinion is too expensive.

see the ice part? not shaded

basically they wrote the wrong prices at the side, non of those iteams cost that little

And finally i think this hat has the wrong price, must be 12 or 20 SD. in my opinion it should be 0SD
Ok so i hope this helped? Hope i'll be posting soon!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

A Bouquet Of Perverts (Just For You!)


  Hey guys! Sorry for a bit of a non-posting week (Again. *rolls eyes*). I will EVENTUALLY get into this routine. Anyway, over the past few weeks I have found billions millions hundreds loads of scary freaky weirdo pervert things on Stardoll. So, I decided to gather them all together and give you them as a present. Surprise! Enjoy! (Sorry if half of them have been deleted by now. That's a good thing anyway!)

(Someone asking for my password)

I damn well am not! You douchebag...oh wait! That's your name! Loser.

Oh hey! Do I know you?...

Boo does seem to have some weird visitors, doesn't she?

Oi. Bitch. I hope you see this.

That's old but I found it funny.

Yes, I have a 'lover' account. Please check it out. It's kinda disgusting. But I do feel loved. Aww. Sweetie :)

I'd rather 'fac' a gorilla. I mean, there wouldn't be much difference to be honest.


I actually don't know who that was. Kinda scary to be honest. He said something weird before, that's why it said that at the top ;)

I've never seen my mother's pussy before so I can't really notice the resemblance. But thanks for telling me :) I'll keep that in mind.

This girl MUST be an emo or something. No one says things like that. Not even me....

 These people are seriously giving me nightmares. No, seriously. They are.

So, I hope you enjoyed my mega-post. Basically I was just clearing out my computer of stuff I didn't anymore to get more space, because I never have enough time to post when I'm at school. 

Anyway, TattieByez, Loob3 :D :D x 

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to me!
I am now three!
On stardollee!
Yay! Yay! ME!

its been three years for me on stardoll and i have had some ups (meeting new and amazing people) and some downs (being scammed out of more than 300SD worth of items). I am very surprised i still play this game! When i first joined stardoll it was just for a silly joke, i never expected to be here 3 years later, WRITING FOR THIS BLOG!!! :D, still playing stardoll. It has inspired me so much and has practically chosen my life for me! (i will be a designer or model) and the last thing i want to say is...


Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Return Of Loob3...

Hi everyone. I want to apologize. For not posting lately. I've been very ill and there's been technical difficulties on the blog and due to schoolwork I haven't had much time. So I thought it's time for a fresh start, I'll now go out of my way to find and post the latest news to our loyal readers. New start meaning a new banner too. Like it? Basically me in my alter-ego Gummi Bear form. Meh.

So, I found this;

Why thankyou! Its about time someone said my doll is nice. But it's not meant to turn people on. No. You have totally got the wrong idea darling. Its a bloody cartoon not a porn model. And your doll CERTAINLY doesn't turn ME on. You look like a disfigured chimpanzee with diarrhea. I'm serious. You do. 

Goodbye everyone, Loob3 x :D :D