Sunday, 19 June 2011

it just gets worse

ok, just when i thought stupid couldn't get, well, any stupider, it just did

Ok, so how immature can you get? plus the whole thing just fails completely! for f*ck sake, you dont get a bloody hand at the end of a dick! Grow up! and i completely dont get the thing on the chest, it doesn't make sense?

on less stupider things, stardoll has gone completely mad!

I basically just typed in the date and bam! it accepts it? thats just plain desperate, who the hell lets someone whos not even a day old, join a site for teens? and just later when you join the ask for parents e-mail, saying your a bit young? i mean, come on!

(i would just like to apologise for some of my bad language, it got a bit out of hand at the start)  


  1. you comment in this box btw :)

  2. The dick made me LOL! Especially the way it's a hand...

  3. Well, it seems this guy has humongous infected nipples and a very odd penis. I mean, that penis ain't sexy is it?

  4. i find one weirdo...