Thursday, 29 September 2011

Sick sicky sick . . .

hey luvs
have a super fast post 4 ya, as i know i havent been posting or even on stardoll (iv been that busy my ss has ran out 4 the 1st time since i joined sd almost 4 years ago n i dont have time 2 be on there 2 top it up!) i have been soooo busy since starting college as im sure most of ya have! Im juggling 3 assignments at the moment all are essays that need 2 be about 16 - 20 pages long!! LOL need a holiday already! How is everyone else doin back at school/college now??
Anyhoo enough of the nicey nicey i have some real lovelys 4 ya . .
LMAO what a bunch of loony doodles!! N the swimming pool bit? i mean seriously?!? grow up a little huh? lol
I also have a real FUNNY 4 ya! This 1 is a "proffesinal hacker" LMFAO she is that PROFESSIONAL that she cant even spell it WHAHAHAHA toooo funny!
Anyway hope ya had a good giggle at these! i sure did!!
I will try n get online more often! And as always a HUGE thanx 2 all of the fabulous writers 4 just being fabulous!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Copying bitch

Well we've all heard of copying and i very kind friend Anne.Sofie has had shit loads of it and now i have one!
say hello to wikid-star  , the girl that thinks its okay to copy my medoll right down to the last detail!

As you can see, my doll on the top and hers on the bottom, lets play spot the difference! please tell me below in the comments how many things you can see she hasnt copied. Not only the fact that all she said was "srry should have asked" she still hasn't changed it! Please could you visit her and tell her to change it, thank you! Coping should not be tolerated and shows you have no respect for anyone, which, makes you a bitch, k thanks? bye!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

MSW Mania

Hiya it's me Itr15 back!

Okay I get it lots of people want to win MSW but do you have to flood peoples guestbooks asking for votes?

If you want votes broadcast like the rest of us!
(Thx for the votes on making me a Great Britain semi finalist!)

Anyway I would like to say I have a blog that is opening!
Click HERE to visit

I hope you guys that are reading this aren't flooding stardolls guestbooks :P

But anyway thank you for the support!

Also just a quick mention. Lots of people are visiting my page and some people are leaving pretty strange GB comments. O.o

xxxxxx itr15/Rosie

Monday, 19 September 2011

Stuff ++ More!

Umm... like hi, i come baring gifts plus more stuff later on at the bottom >.< anyway yeah enjoy :D

when stardoll has the game 'who wants to be a millionaire' and i win it, and wait 200 years for interest from the bank, maybe then ill buy this purse.

same goes with the dog, but if you look really closely at the dogs jacket it looks like it has little condoms on it, see them? 

it took me ages to guess this one, can anyone give me the right answer? pleeeaaaase?

ok now for the more part, me and welchie have combined our amazing thinking skill to make a blog! its called the stardoll sinners and its a blog about the latest news and gossip on stardoll!

please do visit, follow, comment and return! and tell your friends! Thanks!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

I'm Back! Wait, Why Are You Running Away?....

Hello all. My name is Loob3. You've probably forgotten about me as I haven't posted in about a week. Because I'm a lazy cow, that's why. I do have other occupations though.....Zombie Slayer, C.O.D Expert, Stardoll Enthusiast, Random Hobo Living In Your Basement, Rice Grain Counter, President Of The Gummi Bear Community, (Strange) Schoolgirl, and loads more. Also I write for this blog, I've just remembered. You can probably remember me now because I'm the only person on the whole World Wide Web who writes introductory paragraphs THIS long. I'm sorry. Time to get on with the news.....

Now, person reading this sentence, tell me now.....How the hell do Stardoll NOT censor the word 'Spanks'. Hmm? 

My reply: 'Hey ugly! My grammar is so much better than yours! (By the way, what's a bich?)'

Good heavens! (No one actually says 'Good heavens' any more, do they?'

Why didn't I think up that one? That was crafty. She's got some wit, that girl. And some nerves. 

Soooooooo......That's all for now, folks, please leave a comment and I will love you forever. Even if its just 'Look at my hairy green cheesey biscuit.'.

Loob3 :D x

Load of bull****

Hey guys, its been a long time! Sorry for not posting but their really isn't anything to post about! but i did get a few things for you, so be happy! 

Well as you can see, stardoll like to make our life hell!

ok this is so unfair, i think this should not be allowed, your opinions?

oh great! we can share our numbers with pedos now! yay! how great!

google translate?

seriously? fucking seriously? if you buy this dress, sorry but your a dumb ****, its just the truth, the dress is ugly and extremely over priced.

comment  :)

Thursday, 8 September 2011


hey guys! sorry for the lackage of posts! any way i have a bit for you to laugh at!

okay shes done nothing wrong i just burst out laughing when i saw the name...


Monday, 5 September 2011

A load off my computer screen

Hey Guys, i haven't posted in a while and im sorry for that! but i have got a quite sorta big load for you! and some normal but weird things so enjoy!

i think this competition has taken over stardoll and its members...


everyone has sent a broadcast  and stardoll had to close it down and its been closed for a few days!

i dont know what it says but it seems dirty...

this was in one post both of them and i was very shocked! what has stardoll and the world come to! its very sad that people have to be racist to feel good about them-self. 

 ok these people have done nothing wrong i just found their names a bit funny, no hard feelings!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

"friend" requests . .

Evenin luvs, how are we all?? Have a couple of looovely friend requests 4 ya all!

What a pair of sweet girls! LMAO Sorry i dont have much 4 ya . . stardoll seems very quiet lately, if u have anything you would like to see posted then please do send me a message on stardoll!
Also sorry about the awful banner, as u all know i lost everything from my laptop so i threw this 1 together in about 30 seconds lol
There is also a new playlist i just added, hope ya like it!

Look At My Orange Pencil! Look! LOOK!!!....

Hello everyone. Never press your shift key 5 times or you'll get a very annoying message appear. Trust me, you will.'s some.....stuff......

DO I LOOK LIKE A RETARD?! Wait...don't bother answering that....

Ok then. She wants me to look like a hooker. What's new?...

This is a screenshot of what the guestbook of my kind of hater/lover account, looblover, looks like at the moment. Thank god there's SOME decent people in there. 

Oh, look who it is. Remember this thing? Well it still exists. Someone shoot it. Now. Before I start a IHateMizzMileyCyrus9 club. 

This is so old, but a while ago I noticed these poor covergirls. Stardoll forgot something there, didn't they?

So, I found this advert on Stardoll. Its been on there for a while now. I mean, I know there's a few older members on Stardoll, but 95% of us don't need to know how to 'Wean your baby'. Especially since we're all like, teenagers. 

Bye. I'm a bit grumpy today. Sorry guys. I'm off to shoot some zombies. Seeya.
Loob3 :D x