Monday, 5 September 2011

A load off my computer screen

Hey Guys, i haven't posted in a while and im sorry for that! but i have got a quite sorta big load for you! and some normal but weird things so enjoy!

i think this competition has taken over stardoll and its members...


everyone has sent a broadcast  and stardoll had to close it down and its been closed for a few days!

i dont know what it says but it seems dirty...

this was in one post both of them and i was very shocked! what has stardoll and the world come to! its very sad that people have to be racist to feel good about them-self. 

 ok these people have done nothing wrong i just found their names a bit funny, no hard feelings!


  1. What really annoys me is the closer we get to 9/11 the more this happens. People need to understand that all muslims are not the same, and people are only talking about muslims when maybe some people in their religion have bombs or whatever. Seriously, where has the respect for some people gone.

  2. The whole muslim thing is just sick.- But i think the name is funnyyy :L xxx

  3. What a racist reatearded shit!
    And look at her F'ing name!
    I wanna report her!
    Seriouslii... I'm muslim and it's sad 4 me, seeing ppl say stuff lyk dat about my religon.
    I'm F'ing insulted!

  4. loooooooooooool!!!! miss-aso0ol!!!

    what a name!!!

    pssst... not laughing about that moslim thing...

    but the name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!looooooooool