Thursday, 20 January 2011

Ooo desperation . .

Wow i am soo shocked to see my desktop EMPTY of hackers 2 post!!!! I had a desktop full which i have over a while been slowly rolling out . . but now my desktop is EMPTY and stardoll seems the same way!!! Wow are we nearly out of a job?!?! lol Im sure the hackers etc will keep us goin soon! Here are the last 2 stragglers left . .

Wow has stardoll been quiet lately .. BUT if you have any hackers, scammers etc that you think people need to know about then we have the NEW CHAT BOX ----------->
The chat is for this purpose ONLY and any nasty comments will be removed pretty quickly so i wudnt waste ur time really lol

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Can You Say Despicable?

Like the new banner? 'Cause I love it. Suits me perfectly, so what of?

Obviously this was a mistake! I'm not sure where I found this but this girl is outright hacking, or otherwise really really trying to!

Just being mean for the fun of it . . .

Well this was just completely uncalled for . .
I mean what exactly was the fun & point of that?? Some really strange people get some really strange kicks from saying really cruel things & seriously language like that at a 9 year old, you should have your mouth washed out with antibacterial scrub!!! Her mother must be so proud . .

eekkk . . .

Well what can i say . . . lmao
. . . except my names Boo and you got no chance lol
I think the name says it all . . maybe drunk while writing this comment?

hey & hackers . .

Hiya luvvies
First i am sooooo sorry 4 not posting its just been crazza here! lol
All over christmas & new year i had flu! Nnow i have a exam to revise for (sooo not looking forward to that) atm 2 walls in this room are COVERED in A4 pages of notes & drawings etc lol
But anyway i have a couple of things i wanted 2 just say

Yes i have read about the whole iswm19 post drama, as i have been the 1 getting the seriously rude comments, remarks & getting the hassle about, over something i didnt really even know about!! I have removed the posts, but i would just like to say i understand BOTH sides & im NOT going to be taking sides & i just wanted to say that without iswim19 this blog probably wouldnt still be going!! As you all know iv had ALOT going on & its been so disheartening to visit the blog & see ZERO COMMENTS all the time, so without her this blog would be long gone! So please just put yourself in her shoes 4 1 second & give her a break & me aswell!!!
But i just want to add before anyone says anything i DO NOT agree that she is a scammer as technically she isnt, BUT i do think its really wrong & unfair what she did & deserves to be brought up on that, but i have been in the same position as iswim19 & to be honest i was pretty furious aswell & when we r furious most of us say things maybe we shouldnt, so give ur bloggers a chance please!!
And instead of having 13 comments on that post just 2 have a go how about we see some comments on other posts aswell??? lol It would make my day . .
But anyway i thought as iv become the worlds worst blogger lately i wud chuck a couple of posts in . . .

I must say that im sooooo impressed with seeing all these girls NOT giving out their passes!!! I used 2 hate seeing comments where they were just handing out their passes & next minute they have lost everything!! Nice to know that people are now paying attention & hopefully putting these hackers out of a job!!