Sunday, 27 September 2009

my friend was scammed!!!!

Now i no this isnt exactly her sayin i scammed u but this & my honest friend telling me is enough!! yet another scammer uses the trick of closing her gb & removing the comment faster than a hacker stealing ur stuff!!!! grrrrrr

Thursday, 17 September 2009


Now i no how much everyone would love 2 be CG! who wouldnt?!
But since when did it stop being about ur doll, style & creativity & turn into a popularity & who can offer more money contest! people are offering riduculous ammounts of stuff just 4 voting like a raffle style (if anyone acctually does get any kind of prize i would be quite shocked!) SD is going so far down the pan im beginning 2 wonder if it will ever go back 2 the way it used 2 be?
but well id like 2 no wot u think about this? i no they r not acctually doing anything wrong (scamming or hacking etc) but i still think its unfair on those gals whos dolls & suites r immaculate & now they dont stand a chance against someone offering a million sd & the entire old dkny collection (ok slight exaggeration but well it could end up that way?!)
so gals wot do u think?? and has anyone ever acctually won from voting?


Wot a shocker! they have dreamed up YET ANOTHER way of stealing peoples expensive & much loved rares & accounts! this girl was waaay 2 eager 2 trade her hearts blouse & well i soon found out y!
i missed the very 1st lines of the convo as she came on chat . . said " hi will still trade my hearts blouse just give me the reference number 1st" of course i had no idea wot the hell she was on about!
basically she wanted me 2 go in my transaction history & give her the ref number from the last time i brought a code! now i hadnt herd of this way of hacking before so i aksed a friend wot she thought! It didnt even cross my mind that she could easily write 2 sd & say heres a refernce number from my account my account has been hacked can i have a new pass etc now if this wors or not i dont no but i certainly wont be trying it 2 find out!!!
& wot a way 2 try n keep me quiet!!! "watch what will happen in 5 days" but i dnt give a crap wot she says! i would post this anyway just so everyone else can beware aswell!
so gals its official DONT GIVE OUT ANYTHING FROM INSIDE UR ACCOUNT!!! jeez soon we wont be able 2 tell people r names!!!! wot the hell is sd coming to!?!?!?!?
well remember keep safe & if anyone wants any advice on hackers or anythin if i can help u i will!!!

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Another . . .

i have decided 2 create a poll 2 find out if this new craze of paying someone off/using another account etc is acctually working?? i really hope not!!!!!

This 1 is personal . .

Not only is this girl a hacker BUT she is also a copycat/stalker!
& wot a shocker the lovely gal she is copying is alot like me . . she spends a lot of her time trying 2 help people against all the raving loony tunes on sd!
obvously like mine its someone who she has proved is a hacker/scammer etc n they aint happy but well they shouldnt have done it in the 1st place!

jus a quick apology 4 not postin on the blog 4 waaaaaaaaay 2 long! i have sooo ridiculously busy! but hopefully everything should go bk 2 normal now! also sd has been rather quiet the last few days maybe all the hackers r on holiday!!! hey more like a holiday 4 us tho! lol whooop

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Yet another cheeky girl!

Yet another asking for a free code! yea like i have 100s of em just lying around!