Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Moo :D

Moo.. Geez why are cows all of the suddenly inappropriate? Well, I'd think it has something to do with a High School Musical cow. :OOO Well the cradle gets striked again.. excuse my figurative terminology, lol. Haha. xD

I'm watching you.
 xoxo, ~ S 

Monday, 28 June 2010

Sick Broadcasts

Wow these people should not even be allowed to broadcast! Wow, stardoll doesn't take my suggestion of adding winners and they add hot. Disturbing disturbing disturbing!! Probably yet another sicko who finds stardoll an attractive dating site!! My six year old cousin has a Stardoll!!

Just a couple more hackers . .

Both asking for passwords, both offering "free" stuff, both hackers . . .

Just . . . LOL

I couldnt help but giggle wen i read the request but the guestbook message i found after reeeally make me laugh!!!

Another fake seller!

This muppet is at this very moment trying to sell my friends account of course it aint really 4 sale, it aint really hers & aint really believable either lol
Another day on stardoll another sad loon . . .

Sunday, 27 June 2010


Wow. Desperation. Reeks. 
This was posted on emorox4eva's wall.

We're. WATCHING. YOU. ~ S & B

Thursday, 24 June 2010

And now some funny requests . . .

These 2 just really made me laugh . . i think they need hobbys?? Ideas for em anyone?

Some creepy requests . . of course!

Hmm started off slightly orignal, saying that Callie.Stardoll made the account for her, really ruins it when she adds the lovely comment of "you look like a ugly ***" i really dont wana know what that was ment to say!
hey at least thing hacker has manners!
Just plain lovely!

Hmmmmmm . . .

Well if only this was really from stardoll . . . lol But as we all saw in the message from stardoll a while ago, after one of the blogs great readers thought that stardoll should see the blog & what reeally goes on there! They quickly replied that this blog was all made up of fake rubbish . . But the posts on this blog you really couldnt make it up!!


Seriously these people should be banned from broadcasting... They do know 6-year olds go on Stardoll, right?! I'm all for people making friends and meeting online; I mean, my friends' parents met online on a chat room 20 years ago and they're still married happily today, but you're not on Skype or Oovoo, you're on STARDOLL! A "safe haven" for little girls (and boys)!

Real perverts. Sick-O! 

My Super Advice Of The Day: Find a girl in real life!!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Is There An End To This... Ever?

Okay I don't know who is making this cheat up but it sure is not fooling me! You can definitely tell this is yet another cheap photoshop trick that is making everybody go bananas!! No, do not send your pass to that email because it is yet another non superstar who cant afford a gift code and is trying to hack you to get the things you pay real money for! This is the REAL WORLD people, get a REAL LIFE so you don't have to hack n scam all day!

It's called a JOB. I highly recommend it.

Look at these fake screenshots! It gives me the creelies thinking about all these little girls getting scammed out of their accounts by other little girls with devious minds. CRUEL!!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Strange, Mixed-Up, Hackers..?

Today I got the strangest impression - at first it began as a hunch. Myself, being the curious fellow that I am, followed my trace. I got two people who were basically, oh, what do you say, "stalking" my page. Their names were Stella-EllaDKNY and TiffanyDKNY. Both from the US, both non ss, both with DKNY at the end of their names. Curious, huh? Just slightly. So I decided to check them both out, as I do like going to the pages of my recently visited quite often.

Stella-EllaDKNY's Pres.

So okay, she is selling an abnormal amount of accounts. Whatever, I figure, right? I mean, some people do sell quite a few accounts, and are quite safe.

But then... I decided to visit TiffanyDKNY. And look what I found...
 TiffanyDKNY's Pres

So, okay, at first I did think; it is possible that TiffanyDKNY was hacked. But how is it possible you share the same username, and is selling the SAME ACCOUNTS Star9fish24 and IndianGenie?? What is your viewpoint on this controversy? Love to hear from you!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Selling.... Accounts?


This ding dong is selling accounts! And not ones that they own! This was sent to me from my friend (anonymously) and she is a very dependable source! I do not know about the presentation because when I visited there was nothing on there! However look at the guestbook comments they tell the truth! These could not have been photoshopped so that is your proof! And the Emalee6 hint says that this is the crook behind this Account-Seller fake! 

She is looking for superstar gift codes or stardollars! Probably because she can't afford gift codes herself so she must resort to this! What little girls do today really saddens me. And notice how she is selling mine?! That is why my friend sent me this and it is very mean! Just letting you know, none of the girls mentioned (including me) are selling their accounts! So don't fall into this trap!!

Loony Filter!!

Seriously Stardoll needs a loony filter. I love how this girl gave the loon some backtalk! You're totally right, just stop coming on Stardoll or block this lunatic!!

Report lunatics/hacker/scammers today!!
Report them to me (iswim19) or Boo4Bettz. (;

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Ciara? Nuh-uh-uh!

This girl says that she is the REAL Singer Ciara, but lol, not really!! Not only is she pretending to be somebody she isn't; she's also trying to hack this poor girl! Double mouche! My advice? STEER CLEAR OF THIS GIRL!!

Good Golly!

A friend of mine sent me this today.
How creepy! I do not want to know what comes after "I wanna see..."!

New Writer: Sierra / iswim19

Hello everybody!
My name is Sierra. You may know me from stardoll as iswim19.

Boo has generously allowed me to be a writer on The Ugly Side of Stardoll; so WATCH OUT, scammers, hackers, and all other Stardoll creepers! I am coming to get'cha! I'll be right under your noses, posting whenever I see a Stardoll injustice (haha, makes me sound like sommeeee superhero, huh?). This blog has been a great reference to whenever I deal with a scammer / hacker , so of course I will try my best to help others as this blog has greatly helped me in the past. Phew, quite a paragraph, huh?

I am really excited to help the Stardoll community! 
I hope that you'll follow this blog and all of our posts!

Sierra / iswim19

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

More hackers . . .

Here another couple of hackers o add to the never ending list!
Also sorry about the late posting! As you can see the blogs have both been having a bit of a makeover! hope you like it? lol
Iv also been looking for new writers! So if anyone would like to write for this blog then just get in touch!!

Just sick . . .

wow these sd sickos are gettin worse & worse!