Saturday, 19 June 2010

New Writer: Sierra / iswim19

Hello everybody!
My name is Sierra. You may know me from stardoll as iswim19.

Boo has generously allowed me to be a writer on The Ugly Side of Stardoll; so WATCH OUT, scammers, hackers, and all other Stardoll creepers! I am coming to get'cha! I'll be right under your noses, posting whenever I see a Stardoll injustice (haha, makes me sound like sommeeee superhero, huh?). This blog has been a great reference to whenever I deal with a scammer / hacker , so of course I will try my best to help others as this blog has greatly helped me in the past. Phew, quite a paragraph, huh?

I am really excited to help the Stardoll community! 
I hope that you'll follow this blog and all of our posts!

Sierra / iswim19

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  1. Watch out scammers, Sierra is in the building!