Monday, 21 June 2010

Selling.... Accounts?


This ding dong is selling accounts! And not ones that they own! This was sent to me from my friend (anonymously) and she is a very dependable source! I do not know about the presentation because when I visited there was nothing on there! However look at the guestbook comments they tell the truth! These could not have been photoshopped so that is your proof! And the Emalee6 hint says that this is the crook behind this Account-Seller fake! 

She is looking for superstar gift codes or stardollars! Probably because she can't afford gift codes herself so she must resort to this! What little girls do today really saddens me. And notice how she is selling mine?! That is why my friend sent me this and it is very mean! Just letting you know, none of the girls mentioned (including me) are selling their accounts! So don't fall into this trap!!

1 comment:

  1. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED TO ME FOR AN ACCOUNT CALLED rita2! IT WAS emalee6 and this "account seller" person approached me too! As you have seen I was scammed out of old dkny. I freakin hate these loons! >:(