Friday, 30 April 2010

Hmm fishy . . .

Now i left half of the web address as im not even sure what this is?? It doesnt look like ur regular hack site (Now you see just how careful i am lol) But well it seems strange that
1 - you have to sign up
2 - when she says it aint a scam
3 - when she says its not even for her for the "deserving people on stardoll*
fishy much???

More lame hack attempts . .

OO this hacker is so upscale she is only interested in ss passwords what a shocker!

Hacking scenerys . .

Whatever will they come up with next!! These hackers are seriously running outta ideas! lol

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Its back!!!!

Yes the 1 who brings all love & joy to our gb's! Wonder if she enjoyed her holiday i know we did!! lol

The random ranter . .

We have a new loon attacking members of sd for no reason now. . shes a real joy huh?

Butt kissing will get you nowhere hunnie . . .

"I would never hack because your account is beautiful" or did she maybe mean i would totally hack because your is beautiful . .

1 person 2 hackers . .

This girl really tried to make my friend think that she is just the hackers friend & it wasnt a hack . . of course *rolls eyes*
That is until in the very latest gb entry 2 my friend she admits it!!! Well weather they are same person or not they are still hackers!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Hey gals
I have good news!! since sd changed the friend finder list so you cant check out people i have come up with a scammer & hackers label list on the side of this blog! the great thing is unlike the lists people have made before on sd NONE of them can deny it on here & as there is pictured proof for every single person!!!
So if you scroll down the page on the side you will find where it says LABELS You will basically find a list of almost ALL (im half way through labeling lol) of the hackers & scammers who have been posted on this blog!! I really do hope it helps!!! & i will get round to finishing labelling them all asap!
But dont forget to ALWAYS be careful anyway no matter what!!
I hope this can help more people!!

I thought this was old cheese???

I havent had anything like this happen for a while i think due to last time when i wrote on my pres after in BIIG black letters that i have 1 acc only etc they gave up but this 1 is definatley finding the right targets!! This girl who i have blanked out (as she isnt a scammer just a silly girl!) didnt even read the pres of the acc (my acc) she is apparantly buying!! I mean u think after everything on sd people would have the common sense to check stuff out BEFORE they buy something not after!!!

Sickos . . .

This __Terrorist__ loon has been around for waaaaaaaay to long on sd now!!! how is he gettin away with it?!?!!?!?

& this filthy idiot is a new 1 to watch out for!

& this 1 was in my friends list & i never really spoke 2 her until she decided to say hello by writing that! Didnt stay in my friends list for long after that!

Hacked . .

These two friends of thses girls got a shock when they went to speak to them! As soo n as i have some info on who it was u will be the 1st to know! This is just a reminder how careful you should be . .

hacker convention in town?!?!?

Im not sure exactly whats going on on sd at the moment but the last few days i have been inundated with endless hackers from friends, hackers & sickos in my gb & friend requests etc It is just non stop!!! Here are just 3 of them 2 start with . .
Have you noticed this?

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Proud hacker . .

This "9 year old" is waay 2 proud to be a hacker! I know quite a few gals on sd not much older than her who are lovely & yet this snotty brat went the total other way maybe there should be some kind of age restriction as they cant do a decnet person restriction lol

Alien . .

Wow yea id say you really were abduted by aliens if you think im gna give you my pass lol

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

In cahoots or 1 & the same??

Seemed a little strange when my friend sent me this why would they be EXACTLY the same? Unless they r the same person of course!


I really thought id herd it all . . until i got this . . hmm brainwash me that really is original i suppose? But my curious nature reeeally wants to know what she had writtin in the 2nd request . . lol

From mexico!?!?

LMAO this girl is really trying everything!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Stardoll worker . . . .apparantly!

Grr this is yet another fake stardoll worker! What are they now going from stealing accounts to trying to steal bank accounts why else would they call themselves Stardoll.paypal? . . . stealing accounts is 1 thing but THIS is just gettin waaaaay beyond a joke!!!

3 Hackerteers . .

Here are another 3 different Hackers sent to me from friends! All have there own individual way of trying to hack & NONE suceeded! So 3 more hacker names to add to the list lol

LOL in your dreams . . .

Lmao at least this 1 isnt as filthy as some, deluded maybe but could be worse lol

Thursday, 1 April 2010


Now i no normally i would ask for more proof than this of someone being a scammer but it was from a trusted friend & the way stardoll is getting at the moment even this much is enough for me 2 want to warn ya all!

Rich hacker . .

I hate these kind of hackers as they make it seem waay 2 believable! Now i no it used 2 be hard 2 save any money on sd but just lately it seems easier (if i can save anyone can) Or if she had just sold le dkny etc as people are paying RIDICULOUS prices now 4 items like that! So if you d see something like this just always please remember IF IT SEEMS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE THEN IT PROBABLY IS!!

Guilt trip hacker . .

Awww crying because noone will give her their password . . these hackers are getting soooooo desperate now they are literally trying ANYTHING! So everyone be extra careful!