Thursday, 25 November 2010

Just lovely!

Now yes i know you can get away with swearing on stardoll but really when there are 8 year olds this just shouldnt be allowed either that or personally i think there should be an age restiction on stardoll!

Exclusive hacking club!!!

Right im sorry to say but i have no idea which club it is but ill try n find out 4 ya!
So the story i was told by my friend is that to join the "exclusive club" you have 2 get a makeover . . sounds simple enough . . until shes asked for her pass! Not only that but when given the option to do the decent thing & do it on tinypic she then comes up with a rubbish story that she cant save files!
So always be aware of "clubs" like this 1!

UPDATE i have been told by who sent me this the club is called

More hackers . . .

Ooooo a gold bag in my suite after giving you my pass . . Maybe there will be a lion in the bathtub aswell??? LMAO Talk about trying 2 get creative!

aWell this 1 really doesnt need much explaining does it? 2 words covers it desperate & hacker!

Begging . .

No matter how many times you say please/pliz/pleeeeeeese etc we still aint buying it!!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

So I think they're going to hack each other?

So I think these two girls are planning on hacking each other? "What's your password?" "What's your password?" I found it quite hilarious that these girls think they can hack each other. Also, recognize RealAshelyT? She's the girl who ripped of Alice a few weeks back!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Get Over Yourselves.

Okay, someone just told me that I'm his favorite hot-and-cold chica on The Ugly Side and I should post more? I'll disagree with your first part and I'll agree with your second. And this is, why, once, again, I don't add random creepers on Stardoll. And other thing, how are you people finding my facebook? It's quite scary. I don't just give it out, you know. Only my best friends have it. And that's not even my real life facebook, because I do like keeping my two lives seperate. Alright, back to buisness.

I do occasionally check up on comments left on my posts, and, well, if I post it, consider yerself quite lucky. I will be on more often this week though, so look out for more posts. ;) *Hint, hint, hackers. Be on your best behaviour. Or I will break you.* I've got some Thanksgiving break coming up soon and I'm off a few days on doctor appointments, so I'll be a bit more on, if that's what you really want of me.

And one more thing, people, give me the tinypics! I won't do your dirty work for you.. That's my policy from now on. I will politely ignore you if you don't put the tinypics up. K? Good.

These people have been begging me for the past 2 weeks to post this. From now on, I AM DONE! I have a string of explicit words to add to the effect of this.. THESE PEOPLE CAN'T HURT YOU ANYWAYS, SO GET OVER IT! MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE! K? I have mine, you have yours. From this post on, what Boo said. Hackers and scammers only.

(Click on the picture to make it larger, so you can read.) Wanna-be hacker, I smell?

Creina10 (the real one, not the hacker fake) also made a video to prove her innocence. Go to this link to watch; click HERE.

Soo sorry 4 late posting this!

Huge apology 2 wooldoor this has been sat on my desktop in the 100s of pics waiting 2 post! But anyway here it finally is!
I asked wooldoor 2 just write the message so i cud show it 2 ya all! This is why i always say dont believe what you read on stardoll!

A couple of hackers . .

These two really are waaay behind with the times! Ths is old n i wud love 2 say that i really think NOONE would give out their pass 2 some crap like that! Just give up girls!

Also a HUUUGE apology for not posting, i have been crazy busy & have just quit my job after 2 years (thank gawd woooooo lol) so i have been concentrating on college work & just spending som time relaxing! lol But i will try n get more posts out as often as i can!!

Friday, 5 November 2010

Getting seriously fed up of this childish drama!!!!!

Right now i know this blog has always been about all the weirdos on stardoll . . BUT as of NOW it is hackers & scammers only!! So please do keep sending those through!
But if you have some random weirdos etc in your gb my only advice now will be block them! As im beyond pissed off with all this childish crap!!!! I have people squabbling in my gb about the silliest things non stop crap being thrown at all us writers!!! And i have now officailly had enough!!!
So if you would like this blog to continue then i suggest everyone grows up!!!!! Otherwise i WILL BE DELETING THE BLOG!!! As to be honest there are a billion & 1 things more important in the world than someone calling you a poo head!!

Thursday, 4 November 2010


I'm sorry to all of those members who've told me that they have had some bad people on their case and told me to post it. Here's my rebuttal though; I HAVE A LIFE PEOPLE! I can't just sit on my laptop 24/7 and fix your problems for you! Report them to Stardoll, report them to your friends, report them to me, report them to Boo. I don't mind helping you out but you've got to wait! I can't post anything within 30 seconds.. Give me a few days, PLEASE!

And for the other drama, I DON'T OWN THIS BLOG! Boo4Bettz DOES! So when something comes up, I'm NOT necessarily involved! I know Boo doesn't have her own banner but at the bottom left corner of every post it says posted by Boo4Bettz. So don't say it's my blog. And it says clearly on my presentation as well, but obviously most of you are too self-centered to figure it out. Clearly, you see I'm upset. And this anger didn't just happen. It's happened over a few months. CUT IT OFF, people, please! 

And don't you dare call me bad names because you think I posted "something bad" about you friend- well, guess what! I didn't dig up the dirt on them, somebody ELSE did or you purposly came to me to stir up trouble! So don't get into a fight with me, fix your own actions. And you won't be on here.

And to the post..

"When is this girl going to stop?"

I don`t think this girl knows when to stop.

I am just sick of her now... Retarded hair? Seriously its just a game for all we know she could have an Afro !
Bee-Atch flakes? Lolz I never have breakfast. ^.^
She is not Boo and she never will be.

Reported and Blocked.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Looots of hackers!!!!

I have sooo many pics sent 2 me that i printscreen n think ill post it later & now they are covering my entire desktop! lol So im gonna try n get through as many as i can!

Hmmm . .

Not quite sure what she means or even if she knows what she means lol But still tha answer is no

This is why stardoll should not be used a dating site!!

My poor friend made the mistake of getting friendly with this "guy" on stardoll & well look what hes done 2 her!! Just wrong & definatley sick in the head! This is why i always say dont go looking for boys on here as this is what 2 often happens!!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

"Poser.. and now what?"

This just cracks me up... "You've been banged more times than a taxi door?" Thats a new one.

I can`t believe how hard this girl is trying to get some where with trying to be Boo and now making up some stupid comments just for the sake of it.
Posers these days.. tsk tsk.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Ignoring it.

Just to say, I am ignoring people from the lauralu23 incident and I'm sure Boo is as well... Ignoring rude and mean comments. If you don`t like lauralu23 being deleted go talk to the stardoll staff about it.

She broke the rules, and the stardoll staff chose to delete her.

Now I'm going to be going back to posting hackers.. etc and pay no attention to the rude people.

This Made Me Crack Up REAL Hard..

I'm not stupid, K? First of all, that's not how Boo writes, I'm very familiar with Boo's writing style, that's not what Boo would do, and, she would tell me on her main account- and on the Ugly Side as well! Oh, and Boo isn't 15!

Just to clear this up once and for all then im done with the matter!

That is NOT what this blog is about!!
Its purely about warning people who 2 stay away from & how to stay safe on stardoll & thats it!!!! I have NEVER n will never post anyone just to make them look bad!!

Also just 2 let u know some of the "friends" in ur hate boo4bettz campaign have been writing 2 me in private telling me that they know im acctually not 2 blame but that they have been bullied into harrassing me! Shows what kind of girls you really are!
where as the people who send me items 2 be posted on here acctually do it by there own choice!
If stardoll chose 2 delete her (maybe from reports OR did you think they may have done it after seeing her "designs") then thats down to them & if she hadnt made the designs in the 1st place then none of it would have happened! So i WILL NOT be apologising for HER mistake!