Sunday, 14 November 2010

Get Over Yourselves.

Okay, someone just told me that I'm his favorite hot-and-cold chica on The Ugly Side and I should post more? I'll disagree with your first part and I'll agree with your second. And this is, why, once, again, I don't add random creepers on Stardoll. And other thing, how are you people finding my facebook? It's quite scary. I don't just give it out, you know. Only my best friends have it. And that's not even my real life facebook, because I do like keeping my two lives seperate. Alright, back to buisness.

I do occasionally check up on comments left on my posts, and, well, if I post it, consider yerself quite lucky. I will be on more often this week though, so look out for more posts. ;) *Hint, hint, hackers. Be on your best behaviour. Or I will break you.* I've got some Thanksgiving break coming up soon and I'm off a few days on doctor appointments, so I'll be a bit more on, if that's what you really want of me.

And one more thing, people, give me the tinypics! I won't do your dirty work for you.. That's my policy from now on. I will politely ignore you if you don't put the tinypics up. K? Good.

These people have been begging me for the past 2 weeks to post this. From now on, I AM DONE! I have a string of explicit words to add to the effect of this.. THESE PEOPLE CAN'T HURT YOU ANYWAYS, SO GET OVER IT! MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE! K? I have mine, you have yours. From this post on, what Boo said. Hackers and scammers only.

(Click on the picture to make it larger, so you can read.) Wanna-be hacker, I smell?

Creina10 (the real one, not the hacker fake) also made a video to prove her innocence. Go to this link to watch; click HERE.


  1. Weirdos-_-

    And I can't believe that one girl was framed!

  2. im sorry but i really cant understand thoses people

  3. I am glad you posted about me being framed ¬.¬

    Literally, there were all these people accusing me and asking me about SS and I was getting requests with people's passes in them! It was so scary, at first I thought someone hacked me ;[ Then my friend told me she found the website, so I tried to warn people. I am glad you've helped me with this, so more people are aware of how dangerous these sites may be! Keep safe! xoxo Creina10

  4. For all you stardoll haters out there follow my blog

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