YOUR Suggestions?

I would love to know your views on . .

* What YOU think this blog is missing?
* What you want to see on this blog?
* Do you want the chatbox back?
* Any NEW ideas or features you think would be good for the blog?

So please leave a suggestion, even if you think its rubbish or not worth it, you never know, very often i see  some random thing and my mind will wander off & come up with something, so be creative :)

ANY suggestion will be fully credited to you, please leave your ideas in the comments below along with your stardoll name


  1. No offense Boo, but a new playlist. Seriously, me and reggae just don't go.

  2. Hey I think you should a post on the new club "Five Star", check it out, it's totally disgusting. I reported that club so many times, but no one does a thing. I think Stardoll doesn't care

  3. hi someone asked to be my friend so before I accepted, I checked out her profile, nothing seemed wrong accept her username it is mekBaby, not sure what it means. Bye xxx Lolosapp23

  4. Hey Boo4Bettz.

    I don't think anyone is really writing anymore, so why dont you hire a new writer??? :)))

  5. I think you need a new writer! I want to write for this blog so badly, and I often see things on Stardoll that make me go "That should be on The Ugly Side of Stardoll!" Plus, I like blogs that post daily, so this blog is pretty inactive.

  6. You desperatly need a new writer, I'm susprised I haven't seen tumbleweed around here. I love this blog and I'd love to write for it. -aprilshowers01, not AtlanticDoggy anymore as been hacked.

  7. have a look at matty1997 and his guestbook, some girls are getting a bit worked up... :)

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