Monday, 14 May 2012

High Profile Hackers & Scammers

As you may have guessed from the title, today's post is going to be about high profile hackers and scammers. I'm sure those are terms that most of you have never heard of. Since I'm a gal that believes in honesty and integrity, I should let you know that I just pulled those terms out of thin air. Speaking of out of thin air, I may as well tell you about the way I'd define the terms and identify the people. A high profile hacker or scammer (on Stardoll) isn't going to take candy from a baby. This kind of hacker or scammer is going to try and rob the whole candy store. They're not going after Hotbuys or run-of-the-mill DKNY. To them, the money those items would bring is just petty cash. These hackers and scammers are trying to scam serious rare collectors out of prime ribs like Mary Kate & Ashley Real Celeb items and first season Limited Edition, not the flank steak that other hackers and scammers are feasting upon. There is usually a lot of buzz surrounding them and their conquests. They become a source of red-hot gossip when us Bloggers find we're stuck in the middle of a gossip drought with no juice flowing, but a whole lot of dirt.

Now that popular blogs like Beg for More and Perez Hilton of Stardoll have a slow trickle of posts showing up in our dashboards, or none altogether, these scandals are going unnoticed. I'm here to make sure that doesn't happen. 

Watch out, boys & girls. The next time you pull a stunt, you just might get shamed, pictured, and framed... 


  1. I was recently hacked by a VERY good hacker. I never gave out a password, clicked a link or gave out my email. They managed to get every Stardoll email ever made from my computer. Including the ones my friends made. Its so creepy. Whoever did it managed to hack the Stardoll website AND yahooand gmail. watch out ladies. this hacker is serious. Luckily for me I have many items but the hacker did manage to sell alot of stuff. they actually cleaned up my suite by putting everything in storage. they sold about 20 of my 300+ rare items and then sold ALL 133 of my stardesign items in less than an hour. BE CAREFUL LADIES. I dont know how they did it but they did. Stardoll will say that you have to give your info out to be hacked but you dont.

    1. I have always hoped that these hackers and scammers didn't have that power over the Stardoll website itself, but a few of my friends have been hacked multiple times and they were very good with their passwords and emails. I've speculated for a while that there's something Stardoll is just not telling us about their systems being infiltrated. While it's easy enough to hack an email through security questions, I would think it would be a bit harder to hack the Stardoll website itself. Then again... every website's security measures have an Achilles heel, and you never really know how safe your investments are when you trust an online website and it's staff. I believe someone pointed out that Stardoll received a D from the BBB. While I suspect they're a little biased in some cases, (people can be bought, I'm sure) it seems like the things they said about are pretty honest and on point.

      Thank you for letting people know about this so we can all take extra precautions to protect our account. Sorry that happened to you, that's really awful! Hopefully you get some justice if you contact Stardoll.

    2. You don't have a Stardoll account any longer?BEcause I couldn't find you on Stardoll :(

  2. Hello I am Ellleahe I got scammed by a devil she has scammed over 30 stardolls her name is.. missgoplayq121 scammer she is! little devil over 30 stardolls!!!!

  3. Hi im ladyfunlol, visit me please

    I was hacjed by AineLE she hacked in without a password, link Or anything

    If you confront her dont tell her my name because shell just take everything off me like she did with my royalty :( she ended it because i accused her

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