Friday, 30 January 2009

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

of course you r luv!

o come on! ur the "owner of this site" "so dont report pupsluv07" wot a load of bumfluff! funny how so many lies & liars end up comin straight back 2 u isnt it!?!?

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

pupsluv07 not just a hacker . . . . !!!!

i knew she woz bad! but this is riduculous!
i thought it woz strange her name suddenly changed from pupsluv7 to pupsluv07 n well heres y!! she has hacked n scammed so many people on her 1st acc she had 2 make a new 1! n started on this already!
n as 4 the second pic well wot can i say . . .that is some serious coincidence! considerin the only other dkny she owns is 1 pair of shoes!
watch out 4 this 1 luvvies

o n pupsluv07 b4 u comment wiv sum stupid remark about me bein a kid/stupid etc dont even bother! this proof is all on its way 2 stardoll!

pupsluv7 . . .wot a twat!

haha i wudnt understand coz im 2 young . . no hun i dont understand coz UR 2 YOUNG 2 WRITE IN FRIGGIN ENGLISH!
o n btw uv now jus shown that it woz u who wrote the anonymous nasty comments!
(sorry bout the twat language but u my dear ur just startin 2 really piss me off!)

Monday, 26 January 2009

wot a cheek!

now 4 all my regular readers im sure ul remember this sneaky pair! 4 all those who dont please c saturday 10th january & sunday 18th january posts!
2 come n ask 4 my help & the other "u seem so cool" like uv never met me!
u either think im that dumb iv forgotten about u 2! or u just have some serious nerve!


dam i hope this is all rubbish!
if not just imagine all the old scammers whov been deleted! comin back 4 revenge!
well if so we will be ready 4 em!

Friday, 23 January 2009

yea sure . . .

o come on! this is just gettin silly now! so many younger people will believe this crap i bet the hackers r havin a piggin party! all wearin their "free" scuba dresses . . .

Thursday, 22 January 2009

proof that lookin in the scenerys can help!

i wrote these 2 the complete n utter cowbag that is, the very sneaky noor_othman (who made out 2 be a innocent 8yr old girl who had never traded before, then scammed me!) nearly 2 months ago! she just hasnt noticed haha
but noor_othman if ur reading this i want my piggin dalton wedges back!!

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

how many more times . .

if u dont give out your password you cant get hacked!! its really as simple as that! come on gals ur makin it 2 easy 4 em!

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

another scammer i shamed???

or pupsluv7/graceq3 is it u? im guessing it probably is!
hmmm notice they all r anoymous! coz ur a friggin bunch of chickens! i do this 2 stop the silly little cows like u! so u can say woteva u like about me . . .im 10 (hmm okaaay) im stupid (if u say so) im just learning (okay now im gna pee a little)
but dont class me in the same trampy scammers/hackers pile that ur sorry butt is in!!

Sunday, 18 January 2009

hmmm the huge great big web of lies untied by the wonder of screenshot PROOF!!!!

yes i no alot of reading again so ill try n keep it short . .
basically pupsluv7 asked me a wile ago 2 visit a site (which can easily giv u a virus i no!! coz iv made that mistake b4) n she was waaaay 2 desperate 2 get me their 4 "free dkny" as u can see!) so she sent a friend 2 tell me it works (who has no "FREE DKNY" coz she doesnt like it! ya okaaay . . ) so i blocked her but kept the convo . .
then talkin 2 her "friend" graceq3 2nite n in the middle of talkin look wot the little liar did!! (as u can see there is no talk of trading or anything!) just because i said i wudnt unblock her friend coz i dont trust her!!!
n then she carried on talkin normal i guess she didnt no i knew about that comment so quick!
arrrggh silly little children grow up!

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Friday, 16 January 2009


omg! do people not read!? i got so fed up with people tryin 2 sell off my account so i added this 2 my presentation! if ur gna buy an account surely ud av a look around!!! seriously its not hard 2 spot! come on people ur making it way 2 easy 4 em!!!

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

urrghh she makes me sick!!

at least she admits it (even tho evry1 knows anyway!)
but my question is . . if ur leaving stardoll then y not give the people their stuff back n not "sold it on"???? i can see a new account coming 2 stardoll . . . . BEWARE!

repost. . .just 4 all my new followers

as i have gained a few new followers (thanx guys :D mwah) im guessing most of you havent seen this post . . . so here it is again!
hopefully these few tips may help a few people!

named, pictured & shamed latest . .

a few more of stardolls latest scammers as reported 2 rat-patrol . .
with some of the people they have scammed (even more annoying is these r the only 1s whove reported them god only knows how many more theyve scammed!)

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

rat-patrol . .

now most of you already know stardolls little star :) but 4 those of u who dont . .
the lovely rat-patrol dedicates ALL of her time on here helping the people whove been scammed & helping people prevent themselves bein scammed! her presentation is a full (and very long) list of all the scammers who have been reported 2 her!
so if ur eva gna trade go 2 her 1st n jus check the list! u never no (shes saved me bein scammed endless times!)
we all luv ya

at least this 1 tryed. . . .

still not gonna work! no matter how "safe" u say ur!

oh come on now u lot r gettin lazy!

what . . .no begging . . .promising ur not gna hack me?!?

scammers will do anythin!!!!

i had a message from a girl tellin me that lou_lou_is_her3 has been tryin 2 sell people my account (YES A FRIGGIN NOTHER 1!!!) so i go 2 her gb n well look wot i found!!! now if that isnt proof i dont know what is!!

i couldnt have put it better myself!

(see previous post)
thankya sweetie!
its nice 2 no that people see the real reason i do this! love me or hate me i dont really care! n if u dont like wot i say or post then DONT READ IT!!! simple! i jus wana help stop these evil cows!

shop_wizard is that u? or just another nut case?

hmmm eitha sum1 has been named n shamed?! or its just another 1 with an attitude!
well i know the real reason i make the posts! 2 stop people being scammed n harrased by nasty people like u! so if u dnt like it then begga orff!

Saturday, 10 January 2009


u want 2 download "something" 2 my stardoll . . . . ur not gonna hack me . .. !! of course hunnie! even a monkey wudnt fall 4 this!

holy crap!! shop_wizard / poo_blizzard has A friend . .

or minion?? woteva maybe even a second account?? idiot huh! jus as childish . . .

yea i dont think so . . .

yea the scammers deserve but yea it still makes u a scammer n jus as bad as they r . .

Thursday, 8 January 2009

no shame . . .

well doesnt that just take the biscuit!! wen i put that in i had no idea the little tramps wud acctually admit it! if only if was named . . . . .

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

where did all the nice people go?!!?!?

well i woz worried i may run out of items 2 post but hey lovely little idiots like u wil definatley keep me in business!!
wow ur mummy n daddy must be sooo proud!!!

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

what a difference a day makes . . .

wow she has been a busy . . . . bee . . . bunny . . . beetch?! this 1 has been reported 2 the very lovely rat-patrol endless times & thats just today!!! the one 2 watch out 4 at the moment . . .

i take it u scammers/hackers missed this bit??

i always thought rules were there 4 a reason . . . 2 be completely ignored n do everythin ur told not 2!! & that if u break them you get punished . . come on stardoll step in now? please?

hmmm . . .

everything about this 1 just screams at me!! i have no proof of anything . . yet! but if i get any ul be the 1st 2 no!
jus be careful

for the younger stardollians who dont know this trick yet . .

just another tip on how 2 find out if the person your gna trade with is safe . . .

Monday, 5 January 2009

stardolls own ray of sunshine is still at it . .

wow this girl really has a screw loose!
n shop_wizard, loony_wizard etc if ur reading this which im sure ur! i wudnt have put u in the blog in the 1st place if u hadnt come n had a go at me 4 no reason n shown wot a complete n total cow u r!
p.s i dont particulaly like u eitha . . .

named pictured and shamed . . . take 3

wen i asked rat-patrol 4 some more scammers 2 name n shame she gave me these . . now the scary thing is even i havent heard of them!! but they have been the most repoted jus lately! so please be careful :)

ways of finding out if they r scammers . .

just think about it wen it says u have scenery comments do u go thru every single scenery u made??? no . . well neither do scammers!! as u can see by these just look at those dates!
so wen ur checkin someones profile remember 2 hav a look at the comments in there older scenerys :)

jus a bit of advertising . .

now i know my blog is all about scammers n hackers etc but i think these 2 lovelys deserve a bit of credit 4 their blogs so please av a luk :)

the gawjus mrs_gomes n her fab posts of the new collections & hilarious writing at

& the very sweet noelle_cutie with her picks of the day & great makeover tips at


Sunday, 4 January 2009

thats wot friends r for . . .

these r just some of the 1s i could find!
n i jus wana say thanx 2 all of ya 4 trustin, believing & standing up for me! it really means alot (look at me goin all soppy lol)
love ya all

and so the apologies come . . .

1 says she woz hacked 1 says she woznt but well an apology is an apology
so thanx guys! i appriciate it

Saturday, 3 January 2009

proof it was a fair trade! end of disscussion!

she (Summergal113 . . hacker113 . . scammer113 . . liar113??) went first then i sold her mine! basically she changed her mind later!! (which does NOT make me a scammer OR hacker!)
as far as im concerned it was a fair trade n thats that!!
thanx all my friends 4 knowing shes tlkin crap
love ya all

shitty day - part deux!!! n probably the sneakyest person iv ever met!

well now i think the pics say it all ( i no its alot of readin but trust me worth it!!

AND YES SHE DID DROP HERSELF IN IT!!!! wen she wrote the very last chat message about her daddy bein in LA!!! I think she forgot she had told me WILE WE WERE TRADING!!!! about jus coming back from LA with her dad!!! (i didnt think i wud need 2 screenshot a friendly chat!!!!! how frickin rong woz that!!) so luv ur can stick that up ur bumm! u sneaky little cow!!!

1st part of really dam shitty day!!

i think that explains it all! wot the hell is rong with some people!?!!?

Thursday, 1 January 2009

scammers take note!

now this is how a real honest safe trade should be!! (thanx again Tarabro) so all u frickin scammers get ur notepad out n write it down!

attitude problem?!

yea ok luv? if ur gonna attempt 2 insult me then at least do it in a slightly less chavtastic way!?! so me can get ya init! duuuurrr . . .