Tuesday, 27 January 2009

pupsluv07 not just a hacker . . . . !!!!

i knew she woz bad! but this is riduculous!
i thought it woz strange her name suddenly changed from pupsluv7 to pupsluv07 n well heres y!! she has hacked n scammed so many people on her 1st acc she had 2 make a new 1! n started on this already!
n as 4 the second pic well wot can i say . . .that is some serious coincidence! considerin the only other dkny she owns is 1 pair of shoes!
watch out 4 this 1 luvvies

o n pupsluv07 b4 u comment wiv sum stupid remark about me bein a kid/stupid etc dont even bother! this proof is all on its way 2 stardoll!


  1. i hate this people

    i am so angry!

  2. To words sweety:

    F^cking Bitch!

    ................Someone needs a life ASAP.

    Blocking and reporting :)


  3. Who are you blocking and reporting??!! I KNOW IT IS NOT Boo4BETTZ...... Cuz if it is... U NEED A LIFE!!!! If not.. SORRY!! I hope U were talking about the scammers!!! LOL Suger-Boo21 x0x0x0x0!!