Wednesday, 14 January 2009

named, pictured & shamed latest . .

a few more of stardolls latest scammers as reported 2 rat-patrol . .
with some of the people they have scammed (even more annoying is these r the only 1s whove reported them god only knows how many more theyve scammed!)

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  1. OMG!! I knew they were scammers, but I really got dissapointed from second person. We were friends, and she scammed me! I was about to trade my dkny iron pants and jacket for her sky, a long time ago, and she said to sell her 1 thing 1st, and suddenly 2 unknown people appeared on my page but I still trusted her and sold her pants 1st and she said she didn't get them! Luckily, I traded for 60, and I knew one person had them on sale so I immediately bought them back :P
    But still i was really sad.. I mean we used to be very good friends, and chat often, etc .. and she was on several people's safe traders list.