Sunday, 26 September 2010

What's with all of these guys and couches! Well, let's see.. how many more pop up. PLEaSEe, save us from these .. no names should be required. Let's keep this language cleaann.

And wow, I love the <333 I am getting from the Stardoll public! This lovely girl decided to post this on my guestbook, W-O-W, thanks soo much.

Wow, delete me from Stardoll? Haha nice try. Tell me, are you Stardoll admin? And if I am ugly and 2/5, here's my password, underline below Ke$ha Wannabee. nevergonnahappenbitchh Definitely works. Definitely.

Saturday, 25 September 2010


Hello, girls and guys! I'm back to posting hackers/scammers/and creepos on the Ugly Side! Sorry I've been so busy, it's my freshman year in high school and I've got a heap of homework from my teachers! I understand some of you feel let down by me, but never fear! I do come through. Promise! But from now on I may just be posting on weekends because of my severe lack of time. Any advice how to survive in high school? Because I'm barely breathing..

So this girl is the one who was posting crap about the lovely Boo, owner of this blog! Now she's flirting with some online creep! Who here believes that she created this account to make it seem like she has a life? I certainly do - comment below on your opinion!

STFU BACK!! That is just mean to say, honestly, some boys need to know that they are drawing the line here, from being "bad" and just.. you know.

And God.. please save the human race. Please. This girl is like asking to get raped or something, pardon my language. It's my firm belief though that if you are reading this blog you are reading enough explicit language already. Thank goodness I didn't official become active on  Stardoll until I was thirteen, when I started on my other account when I was nine, I had noo idea what I was in for!

And well, well, well. This girl had enough nerve to post this in my guestbook. Well I'm guessing that she said this for her 15 minutes of fame on this blog, it was a desperate attempt to be actually posted/talked about on a blog. Well here you go, fame whoree.. I'll keep it short and sweet for you.

Oh pleeassse. A real stay at home mom wouldn't have time for this.. she'd be cooking dinner or something. Please. Get a grip , girl. Having a baby isn't that easy. I think you talk the talk but don't walk the walk. And this, coming from a congenital hacker, uh-oh.

And this concludes your unspeakable confusion from the above picture! This is the girl who write this from above. She thinks she is a mom in her other account (shown above, and the top in this picture), and the 'baby' account she has below. W-O-W. Something smells. OH I KNOW, it's your desperation!!

(.)(.) <--- I think we know what this means. GOD. Some people use this as a 'googly eyes' sign, but I'll never look at this the same way ever again!!

Heh. This is appealing to do on a Saturday night, when there is no body you want to talk to on Facebook. I just <3 blogging it all off. Goodbye for now, goons, and lovely followers (you know who you are) !

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Another new "designer"

Another "designer" trying to make a name for herself, which as her name is stardollstaff81 she aint gna get very far! Pretending to be staff & making designs will get ya somewhere . . kicked off stardoll hopefully!!

Sickos corner . .

Well these two should surely be locked up!!! Maybe they should make some kind of stardoll jail for people like this . . oh yes i forgot . . they do .. its called J.A.I.L!!!!!
Sick asshats (soo wanted 2 write alot worse than that!!)

Typing wearing a straightajcket . . .

Well now thats a talent if i ever heard 1! Must be mental as this rambling nut job wants "kiss wee" Why? Just why?

Friday, 17 September 2010

The lengths 1 girl will go to over HER mistakes?!

The pics - Mizzmileycyrus9 's Guestbook & then my comment i left in her guestbook!

Right im sure you have all seen the earlier posts well now i know exactly where all this has come from & may i say i really am shocked!! Which doesnt happen often!! This is all over NOTHING!!So i just want to say my part & i acctually hope mizzmileycyrus9 is reading . .

Ok so heres the story . .
Mizzmileycyrus9 and i have been just chatting on n off 4 quite a while n she seemed nice enough, (now you see why i say NEVER trust anyone on stardoll!) then she entered a competition on The fashion side of stardoll where everyone basically had 2 find items in all the writers suites & then make an outfit with that item on our dolls . . and well basically she cheated & tryed to pass off another doll as 1 of the writers as she maybe couldnt find the item? Even when we realised i never acctually called her out as we had already picked other winners so there was no need to make a big deal out of it!
Then the other day she asked if i could advertise her blog on here which i of course said no problem etc until i looked at her blog & discovered she had copied & pasted iswim19's entire article on viruses & keeping you safe etc
Now i dont mind people taking posts from the blog, its here to help people so the more who see the better but as long as the blog is credited . . which is wasnt, she had tried to pass it off as her own!
Even after that all i said was, i would still be happy to adertise her blog but would she mind just apologising to iswim19 first (just plain human decency really!) To which she replyed with a huge amount of attitude & abuse & then all this . . .

So the reason i posted this as normally i dont post items like this is just to show you all how someone who seems so nice can turn so nasty over nothing! So mizzmileycyrus9 if your reading i hope that you realise just how childish you have been & maybe next time you should admit to your own mistakes & not try to makeothers look bad instead!
So as far as im concerned the matter is finished with im done playing your silly games & thats 1 more "friend" cleared out!

Justice Is Delivered ;D

The reason we keep going to expose people is because of our many wunderkind readers, we love your comments! (Seriously, I really appreciate it. Keep going. ;D) Thank you so much and thanks for helping us do some snooping around, it's fantastic what you do!

Some more from the lovely EssRox.. At this rate we're going to have to make you a writer to keep up with you.. haha, seriously. I'll talk to Boo about it.

Ohh, burnn! ;D You've been REPORTED. Haha. Like Donald Trump. You've been FIRED!

*Hic.* I think I'm going to throw the entire contents of my stomach into the toilet bowl now.. Cause' that's just plainn nasty beeswax.

Thanks for all of the readers, again!

Targeted for making this blog again . . shocker!

Well ya know if i acctually knew the girl that would be a start but also where exactly is my name even mentioned?? LOL n summer-muffin26 we all know u have been posted on here for trying to hack!! Talk about grudge much! If you cant take the heat of being posted then dont poke the fire trying 2 hack!!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Let's Get Straight, Kids.

The crackpot line will never end, will it? Fine with me, it keeps my job around atleast. And hey, dear readers, I really appreciate all of the sweet comments in my guestbook, darlings! I am very grateful for you supporting, reading, and commenting on my posts, and I'm sure Boo and Crist3y are the same way!

I regret the name got cut off, this was sent in by one of our fabulous readers.

EPICCCC FAILL! It feels pleasant to say that.

Hahahahahahahahah this girl knows she's gonna get banned with language like that right? Oh, no, STARDOLL HAS NO FILTERS! Good members get banned, members with no class stay! That's how Stardoll works, ofcourse! That's the only explanation of to why so many girls who did nothing wrong get banned. True to the bone!

Har dee har har. That was pleasant and refreshing, like a cool summer breeezeeeee. ;D

Hey, umm, EssRox? We need to expose this person, it's great that you submitted it to us, but we need to know their name. Maybe black out yours to prevent creepers reading that?

Wow . . .

Well what can i say!?! I have a great reputation for being safe on stardoll & i spend all my time on stardoll digging out hackers! These hackers that i name & shame really have nothing better 2 do than 2 try n tell people im a hacker?!? Pot . . . kettle . . black anyone? Hmmm some low life hacker i posted on here must have a friend . . .
P.s if they could tell me where exactly i could fit in time to hack someone id be very grateful as i barely have time 2 sleep nevermind anything else lol

Well thats a new one . . .

Hmm this 1 claims that after shes in your account a "box comes up on your screen" so you can kick her out of your account . . . Yea & my flying monkeys are cleaning the house for me as i write . . . i wish! LOL

More hackers . . .

Well us writers here on The Ugly Side will never be out a job i think . .
This 1 was trying hack a lovely friend of mine on stardoll who is wait for it . . 11 years old! Talk about easy target . . well thats what she thought anyway! Even she didnt fall for it!
Now yes i know we have had hassle from people saying they really do just give makeovers which MAYBE some of them do, but is it worth risking ur account?! Also again you DONT need a password 2 do a makeover!!

Sunday, 12 September 2010


A lot of creepers keep contacting us.. Asking to be busted. It's probably the stupidest thing to ever do, but hey, I guess when you're a creeper in creeper mojo you're just.. Creepy? Well, anyway, here are some more of them.. Unfortunately.

Oh, um, great?! Why don't you go on CraigsList and give the ManWh**es on there this ad? Seriously, don't go telling us. Well atleast this loser gave a fake number (555 is a fake number, if anybody ever tells you to call anything with a 555 then you know it's fake, so don't waste your time). W.O.W.

Yeah. And I HAVE A PET UNICORN. Blahh. Sure, make ME pretty when you don't even have a pretty medoll yourself. Go get a life.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Number #3: Hit List

So it seems as if our favorite anonymous has been quite busy recently, with their latest target Poohg_1993. If you are reading this , anonymous, please tell us why you want to expose these girls? Or is it maybe because I've been watching too much Covert Affairs and White Collar? Haha, maybe a combination of both, but as for my knack of justice and morbid curiosity, why?

Dear readers, anybody you know who may be doing this? Please phone in and let us know, we'd love to expose this anonymous with possibly helps of your tips.

Stardoll newbie???

Maybe she has only just joined stardoll as i think everyone knows how covergirl works & it definatley aint like that!

Some More Creelies..

Here are some more creelies that have since been referred or contacted us. Please, dear readers, if you see any more please let us know! There is also something else I wanted to say; don't go and anger them! I've seen some of our readers have been very active! My advice is that you never know who you're dealing with so please don't endanger yourself or any of us, that includes me, Boo, and Cris3ty, so please, please, please, just protect yourself but don't try any "justice," thankyou.

A girl? Why? Please please tell me why?

I found this in my guestbook.. Probably just wanted some attention, so here ya go, here are your 15 minutes of fame, fame whore. (I quoted that from PSG, all due respect to Dan here.)

Busted . .

With a little help from friends it makes no difference if we speak your language or not us writers on The Ugly Side will still catch ya!

Gender Controversies

So I see somebody is having issues with boys. Why are they "freakin dumb and retarted"? Since when Stardoll has only become a "girly site"? There are plenty respectable Stardoll members, who are boys, Stardoll is not a site only for girls. And well, I don't exactly disagree with the facts stated about Miley Cyrus, but we have to focus on how boys are being discriminated on Stardoll.

Thanks to everybody for anonymous tips to our blog!!

They just keep coming . .

Here are a couple more hackers to add to that veeeery long list! There are so many its like Wheres wally in a whole room full of wallys! In more ways than one . .

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Perv Alert!

Thank you 10natasha10 for submitting this to us! We really appreciate your help; without you we couldn't run this site! Thanks to you and all other dedicated viewers of this blog!


 Oh, and is anybody getting this alot from Blogger?

Crazy Girl!!

Blog WRITER not Blog OWNER. Kaaaay peeps? :)
This girl is plain nutty! At first when I saw her username was love-lick I knew that she would be some trouble for the Ugly Side! First, she says she's selling her Stardoll (which is worth LESS than one pound) for one hundred pounds? WTF! And she makes it sound like you have to give her the one hundred stardollars. And she first says she hates shab-stah, then she says she loves shab-stah. Crazy girl! We need less of these people!!