Sunday, 12 September 2010


A lot of creepers keep contacting us.. Asking to be busted. It's probably the stupidest thing to ever do, but hey, I guess when you're a creeper in creeper mojo you're just.. Creepy? Well, anyway, here are some more of them.. Unfortunately.

Oh, um, great?! Why don't you go on CraigsList and give the ManWh**es on there this ad? Seriously, don't go telling us. Well atleast this loser gave a fake number (555 is a fake number, if anybody ever tells you to call anything with a 555 then you know it's fake, so don't waste your time). W.O.W.

Yeah. And I HAVE A PET UNICORN. Blahh. Sure, make ME pretty when you don't even have a pretty medoll yourself. Go get a life.


  1. Another nasty and poser to add to your collection:

    I found this at poohg_1993's GB.

  2. there's also another one but i didn't take tinyurl cuz it was weird a girl called POOHG_2010 said sdhe stole her pres.

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  4. Bully on stardoll!