Thursday, 9 September 2010

Some More Creelies..

Here are some more creelies that have since been referred or contacted us. Please, dear readers, if you see any more please let us know! There is also something else I wanted to say; don't go and anger them! I've seen some of our readers have been very active! My advice is that you never know who you're dealing with so please don't endanger yourself or any of us, that includes me, Boo, and Cris3ty, so please, please, please, just protect yourself but don't try any "justice," thankyou.

A girl? Why? Please please tell me why?

I found this in my guestbook.. Probably just wanted some attention, so here ya go, here are your 15 minutes of fame, fame whore. (I quoted that from PSG, all due respect to Dan here.)

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