Thursday, 2 September 2010

Viruses You Need To Know About

I was snooping around, looking for hackers/creeps/scammers on Stardoll, and I saw this. A girl was worried that her PC was being affected from things she has done on Stardoll, for example visiting a sicko's page, or going to a certain link. Here's your guide for seeing what will harm and what will not harm your computer. Follow this and I can assure you, you WILL NOT ever be hacked from somebody on Stardoll!

1. It's okay to visit some crazy persons' page. Even if they say they will hack you they cannot, under the Stardoll server (as long as the URL says, then you're safe), so don't worry that they can harm you there!

2. Never tell anybody, other than a close friend, what AntiVirus you use. It could me anything, McAffe or Norton, or some other brand, never tell! Ever! You never know when you're dealing with a crazy-obsessive hacker!

3. When somebody sends you a link, make sure its' under a safe server that you know , and make sure a company is protecting the server (and for legal reasons, if you're hacked, you can sue the company). Some links are safe , such as these (tinypic, blogspot, wordpress, photobucket, etc). If you see any crazy ones (like quizmo, ajfghgut, bleuehd [note: they don't actually exist, just examples], if the names seem out-of-the-blue, then you know, then there's something to be worried about! If you don't know, then stay away from it until you're sure it's safe!

4. Perform regular virus checks, this one should be a no-duh one, but some people, well, will forget! If you haven't done one in atleast 1 month, be sure to do so right now! It'll be sure to get out any worm embedded into your computer! It's ultra important to do so!

And lastly, about Stardoll Playboy, it may be sick and demeaning to women, however, it is not going to be reported by us because the models have given their permission to appear nude in Playboy. Thank you!


  1. Thanks for posting this. Very, very helpful. I always need reminding to scan my computer for viruses!!

  2. thanks for posting this! I do virus scans every week [:

  3. Just wanna let u know that my JANASTARLITE account has been stolen by coolanisah and her friend selenagomez3337. I have reported them and am working with SD admin to get it back.

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