Thursday, 5 May 2011

Gaah. (Couldn't Think Of Anything Else To Call It)

Evening my luvly gummi bear sniffers, I logged in to Stardoll to find something horrifically frightening in my friends request list:

I know these sorts of things are a bit old, but oh well. It was jolly scary at the time. I mean, she is one very pretty girl but I'm a perfectly straight 13 year old gummi bear/ crazy human so I would say no. But by that time I clicked the 'block' button and this oddball was out of my life. YAY! *Does victory dance...*

I'm still searching for people who know the swear code. Anyone? ANYONE?!? Just write it in the comments box. No one will know. Stardoll can't tell us off because this is an independent site and they have no control over us and we can do what we like. Ha. In your face Stardoll. Losers. *Makes an 'L' shape on her forehead*

Me and pinkbg are gunna go undercover as brainless lunatics soon so if we accidently stumble across to your suite and ask for free cocaine just remember to say 'OMG! You are like SOO crazy! Get the hell out of my life you freak!' As sarcastically as you prefer. 

Tattie byes young ones, Loob3 :) I forget to say 'May The 4th Be With You' yesterday so 'May The 5th Be With You!'. 


  1. Well, the swear code is: & shy ; (REMOVE SPACES) and put it inbetween the swear word or whatever.. :)

  2. &shy ? That's it? So basically I put that before the swear word or something? :) Thanks for telling me! x

  3. Lol, if you do stumble upon my suite then i will say exactly that! :D

  4. there are TWO swear codes:

    & shy ; (without spaces)

    and there's

    & # 1 7 3 (without spaces)

    The way you would right them is fu&#173ck or fu­ck (put in the middle of the cuss word) hope I helped!

  5. Aha! Thankyou SO much I will try them out. Now my undercover doll will be twice as naughty hehe...

  6. OK I tried the swear code and it didn't work!?!

  7. I tried it did for me I think it only works in clubs