Monday, 9 May 2011

under-cover video!!!

Ok so today i went onto my little perv account and filmed my 'fun' in a party! i really should have cropped the video so couldn't see the first smidgey bit of my email but you'll never guest it! ha! and also you can now see the name of my dolly so i'll probably get some more nice friends, anyway here it is:
(im really sorry you can see it properly, i look fine wheen recoding and when i watched it ove :(
okay so that was the video and was shocked at some of the things said there like the last comment! here's a little nice friend request someone sent me :)
Hell yeah! msg me babe! (joke) :D
(the video took ages! you guys are lucky!)


  1. Hiya! LOVE the video! Totally enjoyed watching it(Not in that way lol but great idea!) :D

  2. haha thanks, im so loved lol

  3. Glad you went to the parties. There are some very weird ones there.
    The parties is like the redlight district of stardoll

  4. brilliant hun! n "stardolls redlight district" now that is too funny!

  5. well that was disturbing! and the music made it more :p but seriosly??? stardoll -.-