Friday, 20 May 2011

Excuses, Excuses...

Hey everyone, hope you like my new banner!

So, this is quite old but I decided to post it;

That is one crappy excuse to get people to vote for you. Also, I thought Stardoll blocked out the word 'gay'?

Loob3 :D :D x


  1. Stardoll is not allowed to block the word gay because basically it is a way of being for that person. If a person is gay, they do have the right to say that they are gay. Calling someone gay is no different than calling someone American, dark-skinned, or female. If Stardoll blocks the word "gay", this shows that they are homophobics and that can lead them to some serious lawsuits. If a person wants to say that they are gay, lesbian, or bi they have a right to. I think that this MeDoll is basically making fun of gays, but please ask him it he's really gay. Because if he is really gay, that means that you just posted an anti-gay statement. So please don't be mean just because someone is gay.
    Also, gay also means to be merry, lively; bright and showy; so maybe the MeDoll meant that. Guess what? I'm gay right now. does that mean I'm gay on a sexual term? No, that means that I'm happy.


  2. And I just looked at his account, and guess what? He is really gay. So having this post up on your blog is unkind to people who are really gay and are proud of it. link: