Sunday, 31 July 2011

Stardoll glitch.

So i was looking through the stardoll royalty club to see how many comment my topic had. And well i found this.
Click to enlarge.
How the hell did a superstar get into the royalty club without being royalty. Even if you go to her suite you will see on her name that it is just a superstar membership.

Saturday, 30 July 2011


I will be getting a new banner soon.

Anywayz what is going on? I got a guestbook comment saying
exactly this:
ı love bayby,s

I can't take a printscreen so if you want to see it go to my suite.
I mean come on! This is stardoll not a freaking dating site!
If you wanna date some one go to

bye Rosie xxxxxx :)

Hello people i can now see you clear with my eyes, lol, i sadly only a few baboonz in a cage for you today (that is probably the weirdest thing i've ever said)

im personally fed up of these bitches going up to my friends asking why are they dressed as girls or why are they gay or something, have you nothing better to do in your life? 

i iz have the same thing as welchie, but people take a look were it says horny and cock (lol) i can see a little mark thingy in the middle, maybe thats the swear code or something? and how can you possible be -1 years old? stardoll need to check out some of their members....

Friday, 29 July 2011

Its Official. Stardoll Think We're Idiots.

Hello there everyone. I'm a bit sad to see that my post from yesterday hasn't been commented on yet, but oh well. I mean, I thought we were improving on the commenting guys? I need someone to comment on it NOW. Or I'll do something crazy. Like set a fully-functional Dell laptop on fire with a piece of tuna.

Anyway, time to spill the beans. The Heinz beans. Yum.
Well, you know Stardoll do them stupid poll things on the main page? Well, look at today's poll; (Sorry I gave you the answer by the way);

Ana. Frickin'. Banana.

Look Stardoll, I know we have plenty of dumbass 3-year-olds with no common sense on your site, but please, just listen to this: WE ARE NOT THAT THICK. WE HAZ BRAINZ.
I mean, come on, the question could just be that teeny weeny itsy bitsy bit harder? Just for entertainments sake? 

PLEASE leave a comment on this post. Or honestly, I will set my laptop on fire with a piece of tuna. Smoked tuna to be precise. Mum's got some in the freezer. So, comment, or fire. Your pick. Just remember, if my laptop gets burnt to death, I won't be able to post anything ever again. SO PLEASE! LEAVE A COMMENT, PEOPLE! SAVE WELCHIE'S LAPTOP!

P.S Its shocking that people actually thought that Ana Banana was the correct answer. If it was correct, I would have deep sympathy for that girl and pray everyday for someone to change her name. Because calling your daughter Ana Banana is just barbaric.
Loob3 x :D

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Well Someone Knows The Swear Code...

Hey guys. Well, I was on Stardoll (As usual.) the other day and I had a weird guestbook comment (As usual.)  But this wasn't just any guestbook comment. (This was an M&S guestbook comment....haha just kiddin'. I had to put that in there.) No, on the more serious side now (I actually don't have a serious side, but I'll try my best for now.) This 'girl' has used the F-word. 'Yeah, so what.' you say. 'Well, take a look!' I reply; 

 My apologies. 'She' used the F-word twice actually. 


 The 'Girl' has used some kind of swear code, making her disgusting words visible for all to see. Remember when we came to a conclusion that the swear code only works in club discussions? Well, it clearly works ANYWHERE. And I'd like to know how 'she' knew it. 

Happy holidays, Loob3 :) x 

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Im back!

Hello itr15 is back baby!

sorry about this huge break I was on holiday! :)

Now I check the ugly of stardoll and find that an 11 year old has been stripping? WTF?!?! What has stardoll come to.

xxxxxx Rosie/itr15 :)

11 year old strips and posts! Original Club Scandal!

You should be shocked, the title says it all! Apparently a little 11 year old went on a cam chat or something and flashed her cash to another stardoll member, and i dont mean that kind of cash. Then the viewer show it the their parents and they contacted the police and apparently some one posted the pics on original club which is now going through a huge scandal and the club is temporarily shut down while stardoll solves the 'problem'. I dont know exactly if that is what happened because i got the story from Memories of a Medoll to view the full thing proper:

and here are some pics (not of the stripper, dont worry and these pics are from mdm)

this is were it started


and the main story

the flasher herself, dont bother visiting, her accounts deleted

(click to zoom)

im personally shocked with this, 11 year old pornists! seriously! i wonder what kind of parents she has! in my opinion this is the worst post i've ever done and probably will do! What do you think of this?

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Some Dirty Delinquents (Whatever That Means.....)

Hi guys. I'm gonna have to make a new banner soon, aren't I? 

Well, as usual, I have some stuff to show you. Here it is;

   This is a glitch. There is no Covergirl me-doll and....two books? WTF?


She's not talking to me. But she is talking to some poor sod. 

 Hi there.....someone needs a facelift.

 That goddamn idiotic retarded moofaced ugly nasty gay scary nipple tassel weirdo needs to move thy arse off our site. ASAP. Please. 

Auf wiedersehn mon amies :D xx Loob3 (The one who isn't actually that fluent in French OR German...) 

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Hey luvs!

Just a quick message!
Sorry i havent been posting, i got a new laptop like a week ago, so that is why i aint been able 2 post! All my pics n printscreens inc my banner etc are on my old laptop and i just havent had the time 2 transfer everything, as i know its gna take hours! But i will get to it asap n back to normal posting very soon!!
In the meantime here is a little something 2 keep ya going . .
Crunchy moldey balls?!?! maybe you should see someone about that & ask them to tell you how to spell it while ur there aswell dingbat!!!

Ooo also while im here i have been getting ALOT of people requesting to be a writer over the last couple of weeks! I would love to have ya all but at the moment we are not looking for any new writers, but thankyou for reading the blog & wanting to be a part of it! If we ever do need any writers i will of course let everyone know!

WTF! crazy psycho alert

okay, like the title says i found a crazy psycho that by the looks of it doesn't like babies, sadly i forgot to get the username so we will never know who this mysterious creature is, unless its your friend or something..

as you can see, this person very likes babies...

Monday, 18 July 2011

Mini movie

Hey guys, i made a mini movie on all the little pics i got on my period of posting, so i hope you enjoy, it is quite a fast one so sorry but i still tried my best :D and hopefully ill get some more creeps for you and enjoy!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

....It's Like Stardoll Has A Disease, And Its Getting Worse....

Hello my lovely lollipops. I am sorry to say I've only found one weirdo lately, I dunno why. Where have they gone? Actually, tell a lie, my Snippy Screengrab is being unpredictable lately so I haven't been able to grab them all. But anyway, this is like mega-disgusting, so it kinda makes up for it. Remember to send me all the weirdos you can find so I can post more! :) x

That's. Just. Gross.

 Loob3 :D x 

Saturday, 16 July 2011

A few weirdos for you

Guess what? well you should know, i have weird weirdos fro you! take a look:

i think you should take science again, seman is what men have darling

because your a bitch

Stardoll glitch

swearing stardoll figurine, nice

Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Latest Weirdos. Delivered Fresh And Delicious, Straight To Your Door...

Hey guys. Sorry for the kinda creepy title. I was really stuck for ideas there....
So here's the latest weirdos, as the title kinda said;

No. If you said 'I want your body now' then I would say 'Well here's part of it. My fist. In your fat ugly face.'


 ....Do you like Mars Bars?.... 

Yes. I can relate. I can just see myself ripping them nipple tassels off so you bleed to death. Sucker.

Yeah. Touch you right there. With the end of my Vanilla Scented MP40. In the back of your head. MUAHAHAH!! BANG!!! BLOOD!!! ORANGE BLOOD!!!! PUMPKINS!!! BLABABA!!!...

Don't worry about me. I'm fine. Honestly.
Loob3 :D x 

Just seriously fed up!!

Why can people not be original??
I have "friends" copying my suite down to every detail, my doll & now there are 3!! "new and even better" Fashion side of stardolls?!?
I know its meant to be a compliment 2 have people copy u, but this is now just pissing me off! Maybe all this may be the final straw and i might be off 4 good!
Im sure within a few days there will be a "New and improved" ugly side of stardoll & me!!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

funny vid.

ok i know this blog is about stardoll but i found this shit funny song and will make your day... or may not i dont know but i will post it anyway but it is a song so i would turn the playlist of first then listen

WARNING: this video contains bad ans some what sexual (HEHE) language;

its by E=MC vagina and called i kill people, hehe

I Found Yellow Condoms. No, Seriously.

Hey guys. This morning I found something. On Stardoll, that is. Take a look. And tell me just how was this name allowed;

Loob3 :D x

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Ooo i would love 2 make it my personal mission 2 get this DIRTY RAT permanently removed from stardoll!!!

So i know anyone who has been reading this blog 4 a while will know the name MIZZMILEYCYRUS9 . .
This fluffing tramp has been trying to hack people with my account 4 a long time & well doing anything she can 2 ruin stardoll for everyone who gets within 10 feet of her (WE THOUGHT IT WAS A "HER", ITS SUDDENLY A 11 BOY APPARENTLY?!? LOL)
But anyway here are a few of her OLD tricks iv been holding onto 4 a while after she/he/it promised she wudnt keep hacking etc . . I knew i wud need em . .

(click pic to zoom in)
Then today i got another friend request asking "if my account really was for sale could she have it?" Well i didnt even need 2 think 4 a second to know who that was . . then shock horror look what i found in the maggots gb . . . .
(click pic to zoom in)
This really does show a leopard never changes its spots . .
AND the best part he/she/it was deleted from stardoll & they let her come back!!! Talk about bad judgement!!!
This 1 needs its ass kicked off stardoll so fluffing hard she will feel it next week, from the inside of its padded cell! Which if it doesnt have a wing named after em in a nut house, im sure 1 day it will have!

Barmy Beansprouts.

Hello everybeing. I am back. Even though I was here a few days ago....

So, this is just a little update on the weirdos I've discovered lately. Not many to be honest. But hopefully it will feed your LOLage appetite;

 Don't worry. She's not talking to me. I found it in someone else's guestbook.

 This is the new 'trend' in Starplaza. White Stuff. Sounds a bit dodgy to me.

And once again, she's not talking to me. I'm glad.

Loob3 :D x