Thursday, 21 July 2011

Hey luvs!

Just a quick message!
Sorry i havent been posting, i got a new laptop like a week ago, so that is why i aint been able 2 post! All my pics n printscreens inc my banner etc are on my old laptop and i just havent had the time 2 transfer everything, as i know its gna take hours! But i will get to it asap n back to normal posting very soon!!
In the meantime here is a little something 2 keep ya going . .
Crunchy moldey balls?!?! maybe you should see someone about that & ask them to tell you how to spell it while ur there aswell dingbat!!!

Ooo also while im here i have been getting ALOT of people requesting to be a writer over the last couple of weeks! I would love to have ya all but at the moment we are not looking for any new writers, but thankyou for reading the blog & wanting to be a part of it! If we ever do need any writers i will of course let everyone know!


  1. Please read my presentation and report midua! she scammed me.

    My account: wickedxfairy

  2. Ok that's odd, no it's sick. This girl (if you can call her that) has serious problems :/