Saturday, 30 May 2009

i feel physically sick!!!!

This comment left in my gb beyond disgusting!!! he makes me actually feel sick!!
also y come straight 2 me??? but then again id much rather it be me than 1 of the younger gals on here!! hopefully if stardoll have any decency this filthy sicko will be deleted NOW!!!!

Friday, 29 May 2009

This is wot i get 4 helping people . .

Now i decided 2 make this blog 2 help people n warn evry1 about the hackers n scammers!!! n well this is wot i get!!!
yes i no i name & shame people but well if ur gna do the crime then face up 2 the consequences instead of bitchin at me!!!
so im guessing this is either a hacker/scammer i shamed or loriubreturns by the CHEWED comment!
pffft . .


Stardoll r supposedly totally against swearing . . so how the hell has she managed 2 get away wiv dat name?!?! n the 1 below aint much better!!!!
come on stardoll get ya asses in gear n get these loonys deleted!!!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

yes ANOTHER hacker . .

1st my friend asked me 2 warn evry1 about this 1!!! n all i did was visit her . . . . & within the space of about 5 mins i got this . .

she definatley dnt wait around!!! so beware!!!

just a warning!

This is yet another loony that stardoll is allowing on their "well protected & safe" site!!
the stuff written on her presentation is not only disgusting but pretty disturbing!!
also i think its pretty obvious that her other account is not fairee999!!
people like this need removing from stardoll 4 good!!!!!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

A hacker & proud of it!??!?!!?!??!?!

This girl seriously pisses me off!!!!! she admits that she has hacked people & the she is "PROUD OF IT" wtf is wrong with these people!!

funny or seriously creepy???

personally i find it a bit of both!! the doll is admittedly rather amusing! but well the rest does creep me out!! remember this on a site full of younger girls!!!
What do u think???

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Some just dont give up!!!!

Now dont get me wrong i love trading but 1 thing i dont do is sell!!! not because i mean etc but becuase i spend alot trying 2 collect!! n well this girl jus refused 2 believe that i dont sell!!! this is jus 1 conversatition . . not including about 40 times shes asked me in messages n gb!!!!
iv left her name off because she hasnt acctually done anythin really wrong apart from be rather annoying! lol

Stardoll really didnt like that!!!!

Yes its official stardoll have reminded us whos boss!!!!! and booted such*a*poser before you cud even say miffed ex stardoll worker!!!
wow now y cant they do that with the hackers . . . . scammers etc etc
shows stuff acctually gets done but only wen THEY need it done!!!! i can imagine that kind of stuff being on stardoll wudnt do their bank balance much good . . . .???

Monday, 18 May 2009

yes another hacker!!

"my dad works 4 stardoll" yea n i woz born yesterday wiv a tail n fur!!!

Sunday, 17 May 2009

stardoll is having a baaaad day!!!

1st i tried 2 log in earlia n the start page woz just a blank screen!! then i tried 2 go 2 a club suggested by a friend which is "updating" and now the freekin broadcast is down . . grrrrrr


Yes i no technically she is not a scammer or a hacker but i have no idea wot she is?!?
wot do u think????
an ex stardoll worker who was sacked & not happy about it?
someone who has spent waaay 2 much trying 2 figure out the cheats?
a fake account set up by stardoll jus mess with us??
an alien??

This gal if shes real has just got herself sum serious power knowing stuff like this!!! some ppl wud kill 4 stuff like dat!!!!
Also wot id like 2 no is . .
if she wil give out the secrets 4 a 1 year code n obviously no1 else nos as shes the only 1 can do this!! has nobody tryed giving her a code or has she had codes thrown at her n still not told?!!?

confused??? ya me 2!!! lol

Friday, 15 May 2009

SHES BACK?!?!?!?

for those of ya who r my lovely newer readers n who never herd of shop_wizard or known 2 those closest 2 her as poo_blizzard . . .well she was a rather odd girl who was very bitchy 2 anyone n evry1 4 no reason . . . well either shes back . . or this is her twin!??!!? NOOOOO!!!!!!
these r jus some of her replys 2 people in her gb!!!!

Thursday, 14 May 2009


Yes its official there is an all new random loony on stardoll!!! she jus wrote this in my gb?!?!?
is it shop_wizard all over again??? ul c wot i mean in the next post!!
also "chewed" wtf???? anyone??

trouble maker . . .

What is it with people trying 2 cause trouble?!? i do not no a delrosario1234 so whoever ur stop tryin 2 stir shit 4 evry1 else!!!

cheaters .. part 2!

Yes its official this guy is a total dirtbag! cheating on his "virtual girlfriend" he is 18 (or so his thing says) and he is askin a 12 year old girl if she wanna "get it on" wot a creep!!!!

Monday, 11 May 2009

trader turns hacker . .

A normal convo about trading with this girl turned nasty jus because i told her i dont sell dkny so she decided 2 try n hack me instead!!! she had a serious attitude just b4 this bit happened aswell!!! wot is wrong wiv people!?!?!?

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Another little funny!!!!

Ahaha this cat is pure genius!!!!!!!!! dam i hope my lovely old cat dont learn this trick!!!!! hehehe

Friday, 8 May 2009

This is 1 dam cheeky hacker!!!!

HMMM . . "i own stardoll & their seems 2 be a problem with ur account plz send the me the pass"
Yea love the only "problem" with my account at the moment is u trying 2 hack it!!!!!!

stardoll becomes . . CHEATERS??????

Ok well if u meet a "boyfriend" on stardoll u can pretty much guess it aint 4 real . . . . but wtf?!?!
this guy is writing 2 his "girlfriend" tellin her he loves her yada ya ya . . n then hes written 2 me & another girl sayin how pretty we r etc n hed like us 2 be his girlfriend?!?!?! ermmmm leme think bout that 4 a min . . . . .NOOOOOO!!!!!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

jus a little note . . .

i just wanted 2 apologise 4 not posting much recently but well its all gone quiet again!! the hackers n scammers r in hiding maybe?? but if i no stardoll it wont last long!!! so wile ya waitin plz check out my other blog!!
we have:
which i am lookin 4 models!!! plz check out the post on the fashion blog 4 more details!!

Monday, 4 May 2009

hmmm . . . .

I really hate things like this . . i think its acctually a little creepy! iv never even heard of him let alone spoke 2 him!
wot is he sorry 4 wot ya done or gna do??? grrr

Sunday, 3 May 2009

yet another . . .

Yea i bet u will love!!! the makeover may be free but selling all ur rares is definatley gonna cost ya!!

p.s sorry luvvies 4 not postin the last fews days!! iv been very busy n aslo spent a whole day hungover . . wots up with that?! lol anyway im back! :D