Thursday, 28 May 2009

just a warning!

This is yet another loony that stardoll is allowing on their "well protected & safe" site!!
the stuff written on her presentation is not only disgusting but pretty disturbing!!
also i think its pretty obvious that her other account is not fairee999!!
people like this need removing from stardoll 4 good!!!!!


  1. i was talkinf to fairee999 earlier and shes sed shes not 11 shes 16

  2. hey well im fairee999 (really i am) I was sick and disgusted about what she wrote about me and i hope stardoll delete her!

    Your sincerly
    xXx Emilia xXx (Fairee999)

  3. she is really creepy and slightly perverted

  4. I tried to find the side of talk-2-the-hand - but it`s not possible. Is she already deleted? I`m 32 years old and I have a club, where I fight against "sexistic" users and wanted to report her...

    BTW: I like this blogg, great idea!!! Thanks for the good job you do here!