Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Stardoll really didnt like that!!!!

Yes its official stardoll have reminded us whos boss!!!!! and booted such*a*poser before you cud even say miffed ex stardoll worker!!!
wow now y cant they do that with the hackers . . . . scammers etc etc
shows stuff acctually gets done but only wen THEY need it done!!!! i can imagine that kind of stuff being on stardoll wudnt do their bank balance much good . . . .???

1 comment:

  1. They dont do it to hackers/scammers coz there making stardoll money im guessing there stratagy is blame us for giving out pass ect and get lots of money when we try getting all our stuff bk :/ And this just shows they could delete a good lot of hackers if they wanted to liek the well known ones and its all bloody saved on there data base im guessing so theres no lack of evidence! x