Friday, 29 May 2009

This is wot i get 4 helping people . .

Now i decided 2 make this blog 2 help people n warn evry1 about the hackers n scammers!!! n well this is wot i get!!!
yes i no i name & shame people but well if ur gna do the crime then face up 2 the consequences instead of bitchin at me!!!
so im guessing this is either a hacker/scammer i shamed or loriubreturns by the CHEWED comment!
pffft . .


  1. No please listen Boo4Bettz I was hacked! It wasnt me I promise please take me off this website! I am thinking it may have been someone who hates Loriub or Loriub herself. She did know my password. Look I am so sorry I think it is great what you are doing I would never do that! Sapphire*Moon
    aka Ruby xx

  2. oh, and I am not a hacker or a scammer!

  3. "Chewed"?! LOL