Friday, 18 November 2011


Hey hunnies! im sorry i havent been on for sooo long! But im buried in assignments everyday!! I have done 8 assignments in the last 2 months all about 16 - 20 pages EACH and im in the middle of 4 different ones at the moment so as you can imagine iv been busy lol so i have barely been on sd in months!
But anyway i just logged onto stardoll, for the 1st time in a week i might add, and was shocked to notice my ss hadnt run out so i went to check how long i have left thinkin it was about one or two days . . but guess what STARDOLL HAS BEEN TAKING MONEY FROM MY ACCOUNT EVERY MONTH WITHOUT EVEN ASKING ME!!!! I have unchecked the monthly refil thing sooo many times but i checked my history and they have just kept taking it!!!! I also noticed that the monthly refil is checked AGAIN on stardollars even tho i have NEVER brought just stardollars!!!! SO STARDOLL ARE LITERALLY STEALING MONEY FROM MY BANK ACCOUNT!!!! What wud have happened if they had taken it out and i didnt have the money in the bank and have gone overdrawn????? Some banks charge £5 A DAY for being overdrawn which they wait ages beofre they acctually tell you your overdrawn!!!!!  I am furious with them!!! and i urge ANYONE who has payed by card and thinks their ss is lasting longer than it should to check your transaction history as they may be STEALING FROM YOU ASWELL!!!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Here it is...

Here it is the moment, most of you, if not all of you have been waiting for...
you can now apply for 
The Ugly Side of Stardoll: YOU WRITE!
By clicking the link below, you want to be taken to the blog to apply!

Please do take your time to go through the posts and pages and read carefully so you know what your getting yourself into, not just applying and then think oops! ill just delete the post! i didnt know this or that etc.

and good luck! 

Monday, 7 November 2011

And This Little Gummi Bear Went 'Whee! Whee! Whee!' All The Way Back To The Ugly Side Of Stardoll.

Hi. (I'm gonna get a new banner soon.) I know I haven't posted in 2 months or more, but thats from a mixture of illness, lack of internet, homework, family meetings, illness, boredom, more illness, and Top Secret Spy Missions. I probably won't be posting for while anyway cuz of MW3 coming out (I'll be on there night and day, trust me.). But I am leaving Stardoll. Dunno when. But I am. Gradually. I probably won't be on it much this time next year. I mean, I'm 14 Saturday. Time to grow up a bit. Anyway, here's some random stuff from my pile of about 50,000 pictures;

No thankyou. 

I found these in Starplaza. A rather decent pair of pantyhose, really. I just don't get why Stardoll decided to over-exaggerate the 'V-shape'. Its sticks out like a sore thumb.

Person No. 1; Thankyou. Just no. No tah. Please. 
Person No. 2; ORANGE PENCIL! OMG! AND ICE CUBES!......Go where?!
Person No. 3; Aww, your just too kind! So kind I'm freaking out! And blocking you! Muahahaha.....And no, I ain't adding you. 

Person No.1; No.
Person No.2; ..................No.

Where to start; Well. No, we don't make fun of people on here. We keep them safe. Away from lunatics like you. No, I don't dress like a 'dirty trick'. I dress how I want. And as far as I know, my dad doesn't have a 'd!ck'. He has a penis. AND WHY THE HELL WOULD I EAT MY OWN PUKE WITH ALL OF THE JAFFA CAKES IN THIS WORLD? WHAT A WASTE OF MY TIME.

I'm not going to even begin on this. Where's the nearest asylum, anyone? We have some patients for you. I don't think their gonna be coming back out though.

I like the sound of the hacking the brains out bit. But not the hacking bit. Don't quite fancy that one. 

All the best, Loob3 :D x