Monday, 7 November 2011

And This Little Gummi Bear Went 'Whee! Whee! Whee!' All The Way Back To The Ugly Side Of Stardoll.

Hi. (I'm gonna get a new banner soon.) I know I haven't posted in 2 months or more, but thats from a mixture of illness, lack of internet, homework, family meetings, illness, boredom, more illness, and Top Secret Spy Missions. I probably won't be posting for while anyway cuz of MW3 coming out (I'll be on there night and day, trust me.). But I am leaving Stardoll. Dunno when. But I am. Gradually. I probably won't be on it much this time next year. I mean, I'm 14 Saturday. Time to grow up a bit. Anyway, here's some random stuff from my pile of about 50,000 pictures;

No thankyou. 

I found these in Starplaza. A rather decent pair of pantyhose, really. I just don't get why Stardoll decided to over-exaggerate the 'V-shape'. Its sticks out like a sore thumb.

Person No. 1; Thankyou. Just no. No tah. Please. 
Person No. 2; ORANGE PENCIL! OMG! AND ICE CUBES!......Go where?!
Person No. 3; Aww, your just too kind! So kind I'm freaking out! And blocking you! Muahahaha.....And no, I ain't adding you. 

Person No.1; No.
Person No.2; ..................No.

Where to start; Well. No, we don't make fun of people on here. We keep them safe. Away from lunatics like you. No, I don't dress like a 'dirty trick'. I dress how I want. And as far as I know, my dad doesn't have a 'd!ck'. He has a penis. AND WHY THE HELL WOULD I EAT MY OWN PUKE WITH ALL OF THE JAFFA CAKES IN THIS WORLD? WHAT A WASTE OF MY TIME.

I'm not going to even begin on this. Where's the nearest asylum, anyone? We have some patients for you. I don't think their gonna be coming back out though.

I like the sound of the hacking the brains out bit. But not the hacking bit. Don't quite fancy that one. 

All the best, Loob3 :D x

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  1. Ugh..The v-shape on the stockings will make your doll look like it has a cameltoe. :P