Monday, 30 August 2010

Hacker.. Same Old Same Old.

Thumbs up for the new banner. :)


Wow, what a sick sense of humor, huh? This hacker actually decided to say that she hacks because she wants rights. Hello? Hacking is a crime punishable in every state of the US. Not only that, but cyber terrorism, like girls like her can get her locked up for up to 10 years. Seriously, the United Nations is involved in that. Some 15 year old boy in the U.K. was put in jail for hacking on IMVU. No joke. 

Sunday, 29 August 2010

What To Make Of This..

What do you think about this? Not quite a hacker and yet not quite playing by the rules? Any ideas?

Vicki95 - TARGETED!

Speaking of anonymous users..  Apparently they are giving away that vicki95 will be featured in the new Playboy Magazine [Stardoll version]. If you found that quite sick.. try this one on. If you remember what happened to .Marcela.., this is basically the same thing.

Apparently vicki95's 'Playboy' spread.. who knows?

 Ew. Ew. and, um, Ew?

It has also come into my attention that (H) (O) (A) (X) is underlined. Is this for real or some sick joke? And it is possible that vicki95 created this for publicity?

Thursday, 26 August 2010

what a weirdo . . .

Just random mouthing at a friend 4 obviously no reason! What is wrong with these people? Something about her boyfriend n lots of swearing! Get a life maybe kid?


Wow well he aint exactly filthy but still waaay 2 creepy!! Maybe these boys/men should go out n get a real girlfriend! Instead of hassling all of us!

Yea . .

Maybe when u hack my account u can get some style tips, as at the moment the song yea yea dude looks like a ladysprings to mind! lol

Monday, 23 August 2010

Fruit bats in the attic . .

Are these people juat plain crazzzy or what?? What a disgusting perv!!! People like this shouldnt be allowed near a computer or anything or anyone for that matter!!

Friday, 20 August 2010


Hey Loves.
First off thanks for reading the blog, and I wanted to remind you that here on The Ugly Side we love to see your opinions so feel free to write a comment.
Its time to get to the Ugly Side of things....
One of my friends was telling me about this girl called POLEDANCER7. First off How did this account pass through?? Anyways I went to the girls page and I was DISGUSTED with her presentation and to see the sickos that replied to it!!

But not only did I stop there I wanted to see if there were others like this and to my surprise there WAS! Here are some of the sickos. There are more but I didn't care to put them it was too many.

So what do ya think?
Nasty Right?

Sick Joke!

Hey Loves!
First off I'm CRIST3Y, the new writer for The Ugly Side of Stardoll. Some of ya may know me as a writer for Boo's other Blog The Fashion Side of Stardoll.

Well enough about me lets get to the Ugly side of things....
If you haven't heard yet about N1mka4eva's death then here's what happened (source: to the fabulous site and )
According to Servati, Charlotte (N1mkaeva) was involved in a Train accident going to France. "N1mkaeva left SD recently because she is on a vacation at Disney" Was told from a source. So Servati took it upon her self to doll mailed everyone about the so called "death".
And some ppl believed this story saying that it must be true. And many people paid there respect in Charlotte GB. And many ppl did believed this story! But others say that Servati is just a fake and is seeking for the easy way to SD Fame. Then Servati wrote on her Presentation a little something. And the letters: H O A X were written in gray. Leaving a secret message!
Then Servati wanted to speak out and say something. So what better than writing it on a well known blog( Stardoll's Most Wanted)! Sounds Familiar, maybe anonymous rings a bell?

Personally Joking or not, you do not take it that far! It is rude and simply not acceptable.
And when Charlotte comes back and sees all these RIPS and etc, believe me when I say this she will NOT be HAPPY!

So what are your opinions?

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Not a hacker but not decent either . .

Well the story here is that a friend of mime was moving some of her items from her other account to hers as you can see she got three of them but the other 2 . . well you can imagine!
Now we all know that this isnt really a sd crime watch episode but a unspoken rule! Its all about human decency! Put it this way i brought a 1st season le top the other week for a bargain of 50sds, i thought it was 2 good to be true, which of course it was! the girl was in the middle of a trade n had already lost it once to someone else who like me gave it back then i got it 2 which i returned it 2 her aswell! As iv had this happen 2 me before & i didnt get mine back either!! Which is just awful as this person not only loses the item but usually the sds they were paid first for it & then had to give back!
I would love to believe in karma & think that "What goes around comes around" So maybe next time you will think twice if this happens to you . .


You can almost smell this girls desperation from a mile away!!! Talk about begging! Just give up & go away!

More "FRIEND" requests . .

Well these girls just obviously have waaaaaaaay 2 much time on their hands!! I barely have time 4 sd at the moment n yet these girls have all this time 2 spend just trying 2 wind me up . . which by the way girls "BOVVVVVVERD!" lol

Playing her at her own game!

This girl obviously really wants 2 act childish so people should treat her that way this girl knows what shes doing!!

Sunday, 15 August 2010


Target proof. :D

Let's play guess what she said!

a) wh_ _ e
b) bit_h

Whaddya think? :)

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Ok let me try n straighten some stuff out . .

Ok well im not quite sure where to start but lets see . .
So there is huge drama here on the blog at the moment which as you all know, even doing this blog i hate drama but i will try my best to explain . .

The story -

Sierra aka iswim19 posted a girl (no names need even be mentioned) asking for someones password to do a makeover to which we then had ALOT of people writing and complaining about . .
Now i have a few points to make . .

1st - The post was NOT found by iswim19 it was acctually sent from another anonymous reader who was worried after seeing her asking for a password & iswim19 did the exact same thing i would have done which would be 2 post it of course!
2nd - Stardoll is so bad now that ANYONE asking for someones password is enough for everyone to think that person is a hacker! So just asking (weather your intentions are good or not) your just asking for trouble!
3rd - To do a makeover you DO NOT NEED their password!! (Visit my other blog The Fashion Side of Stardoll to see how tinypic makeovers work just the same!)
4th - The one thing i ALWAYS do on this blog is give everyone a second chance to explain if they want 2! So maybe this would have been alot easier if the girl in question had come right to me & tryed to talk 2 me which i would of happily done instead of sending alot of foul mouthed young girls 2 hurl abuse as us!!! I always say if you make the mess you have to clear it up!!
5th - Without sierra (iswim19) this blog may very well have shut down as i just didnt have the time! And she was just doing her job on this blog!

Our job here on the blog is to help people!! Simple as that!
Most of the posts we put on the blog are sent from other worried stardoll users which is the whole point!! We are NOT here to point fingers at anyone just to help the girls on stardoll as much as we can!!
So from now on instead of hurling abuse at us for doing what has always been done on this blog try & acctually talk to us & that way it would NEVER ended up being blown into some ridiculous childish drama!!!
Finally i want to say sorry to everyone caught up in this mess hopefully people can grow up & see we are just doing what this blog is about NOT trying to cause trouble!!

Im not saying she is a hacker or isnt but the point im trying to make . . Is it really worth RISKING your account & everything on it for a makeover or presentation when you can just be original & do it yourself!

Thanks Underneath Stardoll!

After .Marcela.. officially dubbed this blog 'blog of the blondies' or 'the triple threat,' M_Themis, Mirka_17, and Superoh have been living the high Stardoll life. In fact, we even did an interview with M_Themis on Stardoll FameWhores about Underneath Stardoll reaching 2000 followers.

So, thanks USD, for posting about the Ugly Side!
In their special scam edition issue, about how we
are a trustworthyblog to go to when we need to
know about scammers and hackers of all sorts!

Click HERE to see the post!

Thank you Underneath Stardoll!

Aight, I have no problem.

To all of the straight up honest girls, remember on SMW when Jenna posted how all of these people were hiding behind anonymous names over the Kristen and Eliza hack / mistake feud? Well, over the smallest post somebody's actual Ugly Side has come out - excuse my terminology. Ok, so I understand people hate me. And I don't mind being called a bitch by pixels. Oh, and here's your proof.


Okay, criticize me, but not my work.

a) Have you ever read my blog? I certainly don't believe that I have done anything wrong. Say, maybe the name is a bit trite, but it's catchy. Also I don't post filthy gossip about who's virtually dating who and so and so. I advertise magazines like VaniTEEN and StyleDegree, post interviews with elites such as Miss_LolitaF and M_Themis, and I get asked to do interviews on a daily basis. So I don't know what's up in your head, anonymous.

b) Tell me straightup. COME TO MY GUESTBOOK and flippin tell me what I've done wrong, and WHY YOU HATE MY BLOG. Just don't hide in the dark, that's going to do either of us no good.

secondly, don't call me a bitch when you're the one who's cursing the inappropriate language. im going to assume anonymous is the same person right now, since its' under the same "user."

And what the hell is this?

Just back off. 

I'm not going to point fingers at anybody though. And emac25, I don't know if you're the one behind all of this drama, but if you are, just stop your harrasment.

BOO AND I abide by the golden rule. Treat us the way you want to be treated. And as of now, I'm not feeling so friendly. Just letting it out there.

And to the people who weren't part of this; I'm truly sorry. I just had to ventilate.

xoxo, your bitch,
Sierra [iswim19] ;)  

Oh, and I'm doing this probono. I'm assuming this word starts with a f and ends with a k. bring it on.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Testing.. Whhooo.

Really? I'd be so fascinated. Please. Of course I'd send you my pass. Uhh, no?!

I'm watching you.
xoxo, ~S. 

Thank you..

I have to say, after all of the scum started posting crap about this blog on my last post, well, in my defense, emac25 could have;

a) Come to me and give me proof she isn't a hacker. 
b) Tell me nicely instead of cussing her head off.

When you use nice words people will respond back nicely. True word and word. Honestly, do you need somebody "else" to tell me that you're safe and not give me through and through proof? References..? More than one? Please come to me if you've got proof.

And now somebody sent me this.. anonymous, of course, because maybe another one will come to them and threaten them? Honestly? IF YOU are SAFE, then, you wouldn't have to go to these measures. Hopefully everybody has learned something from this controversy.

Serious stardoll sicko!!!!

Well . . what can i say really??
You know what stardoll really p*ss me off!!!!! I can barely write anything on my presentation without it saying im swearing & yet others can get away with this!!!! What the hell is wrong with people???
I think stardoll needs some kind of whackjob filter??

New way of hacking . .

. . . or so she thinks!!!! I thought doing this blog i had seen EVERY possible way of trying 2 hack but well these hackers are never short of suprises! Still . . cant see this 1 working either! lol

Another friend hacked!!

These are just some of the items taken from my friend after being hacked!! This is why i warn you all sooooooooooo many times about not giving out your password changing email etc for ANYTHING!! No matter what your offered it cant be worth risking everything you have for it!!!


I'm watching you.
xoxo, ~S.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Sister Blogs!

The Ugly Side is now sister blogs with

owned by iswim19  .

Just Won't Stop.

Just give it up already! I'm sick of writing posts about the same freak psychos who target innocent people! Right another one..

I'm watching you.
xoxo, ~S.

.Marcela.. Did Nothing Wrong!!

Hi everybody. I have recently seen this on PSG [credit to their wonderful writers again, for letting us know about this horrid thing], where .Marcela.. seems to be targeted! Usually, I'd keep the username private, but this is just to horrible to the part where I'm sure most people [atleast in the gossip circles] should know! So this is what went down..

.Marcela.. is a sweet girl who started creating designs on Stardoll. A lot of people started loving her designs, including mua. They were gorgeous and inexpensive, flowery, and chic! So she told her friend Jenna (emorox4eva) about this. Jenna owns Stardoll's Most Wanted, the biggest Stardoll blog out there! Jenna used the power to promote .Marcela..'s designs, and guess what!?

Somebody's green monster came out.
Which means somebody got super jealous of .Marcela..

So this unamed user, started targeting .Marcela.. Which is where it begins!

Whatever jealous loser. SUPPORT MARCELA BY BUYING HER DESIGNS!!  Oh, and by the way, this graphic is not half bad which means a graphic designer created this. Now, we can only wait and see who it is..

Credit Haus Of Gossip and PSG.

Monday, 9 August 2010

With All This Crap, We Still Stay..

Ah, my favorite post, after my least favorite. The classic hacker fake-out. When a hacker [or an 8 year old] decides that since "mommy" won't let her get a superstar, why not steal another girls'? After all, they're all pixels.. Then she finds out life isn't so sugary sweet and she could be arrested [seriously, a guy on YoVille on Facebook got arrested and is jailed for 5 years for stealing some pixels virtual dollars.] And he was only 14. So she freaks, and makes up lame excuse. Fortunately, The Ugly Side is here to expose.

Haha, no , I'm kidding. ;]
But I wonder, WHAT was this hacker thinking?

I'm watching you.
xoxo, ~S.
[contact me at iswim19 on stardoll]

And I wonder if this "taylor fan1234" is a Taylor Swift or a Taylor Lautner fan. If soooo.. what are celebs teaching children these days? Obviously not virtuous qualities..

We All Know..

So, honestly, I can't quite figure out these people. I mean, what do they want? If you're gonna hack / scam, atleast make it less obvious, it'll be more fun for us to crack your case cold open. But honestly, this doesn't even make any theoretical sense!! I mean, come on, is kind of an obvi username, if you know anything about Stardoll.. Let alone the fact you straight-up asked for the password AND you said that you need it. Haha. Get a grip. Not just on life. But on the world.

And people, one more thing..
 Stop Flooding Boo's guestbook!!
Hey, send me some dirt?!

Find me under iswim19 on Stardoll.

I'm watching you.
xoxo, ~ S 
And shoutout to the person,
Who is LIKING all of my posts,
and rating. 


Thursday, 5 August 2010

Care much?

Um, okay? Mind your own buisness please? I'm leaving stardoll, maybe, shouldn't you be happy?
Just being rude?! Like the new font? It's called Joyful Julianna.(:

I'm watching you.
xoxo, ~S

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Just why??

What is the point of this really? Are they bored, jelous, just plain childish or more likely all of the above! What a sad way to spend their afternoon . . trying to make people as miserable as they are!

What a noob! lol

I have posted this purely for for funsies!! Like anyone would fall 4 that!! I no some a gullable but im sure noone is that silly!!

ANOTHER FAKE "stardoll worker"

Well im pretty sure noone needs to really even see this to know she is a fake! But well she waffles for ages about being a stardoll employee & blah blah blah . .
But then really just shoots herself in the foot with these comments she replyed with in her gb . .
What a wally!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Hacker . . .

Just another hacker! Pretending to be a stardoll worker . . this 1 is getting old now . .

Another faker . . .

What exactly do they think they are going to achieve from doing this?!!? The person on the account is going to say " Oh really wow im sorry i took my own account how silly of me here have it back . . . " Just sooo pointless really!