Friday, 13 August 2010

New way of hacking . .

. . . or so she thinks!!!! I thought doing this blog i had seen EVERY possible way of trying 2 hack but well these hackers are never short of suprises! Still . . cant see this 1 working either! lol


  1. wow! haha lol ppl will do anythin 2 hak u 2day, boo! wot will dey cum up wiv next i cnt beleve shed thnk u were so stupid afta u owned a scamma blog! betta grlz than her hav tryd!

  2. Hey guys its me Miss.Katrina123, Well it's not my fault i wanted to hack, i'm ashamed of it, especially as i saw this blog, i'm sooo sorry, anyway i already told my friend, GracieGirl i won't do it again as i tryed to do it on her but then i addmitted i was gonna hack her she was gonna report me but then i told her i won't do it again, i know how it feels :(
    Sorry guys..... And i'm 17 anywayz just to let u know... SOOOOOOOO SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!