Friday, 20 August 2010

Sick Joke!

Hey Loves!
First off I'm CRIST3Y, the new writer for The Ugly Side of Stardoll. Some of ya may know me as a writer for Boo's other Blog The Fashion Side of Stardoll.

Well enough about me lets get to the Ugly side of things....
If you haven't heard yet about N1mka4eva's death then here's what happened (source: to the fabulous site and )
According to Servati, Charlotte (N1mkaeva) was involved in a Train accident going to France. "N1mkaeva left SD recently because she is on a vacation at Disney" Was told from a source. So Servati took it upon her self to doll mailed everyone about the so called "death".
And some ppl believed this story saying that it must be true. And many people paid there respect in Charlotte GB. And many ppl did believed this story! But others say that Servati is just a fake and is seeking for the easy way to SD Fame. Then Servati wrote on her Presentation a little something. And the letters: H O A X were written in gray. Leaving a secret message!
Then Servati wanted to speak out and say something. So what better than writing it on a well known blog( Stardoll's Most Wanted)! Sounds Familiar, maybe anonymous rings a bell?

Personally Joking or not, you do not take it that far! It is rude and simply not acceptable.
And when Charlotte comes back and sees all these RIPS and etc, believe me when I say this she will NOT be HAPPY!

So what are your opinions?

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  1. That would be really strange to come back from vacation and have tons of RIPs all over your guestbook. :/

    It's not a funny joke at all. Just a person seeking attention.