Tuesday, 10 August 2010

.Marcela.. Did Nothing Wrong!!

Hi everybody. I have recently seen this on PSG [credit to their wonderful writers again, for letting us know about this horrid thing], where .Marcela.. seems to be targeted! Usually, I'd keep the username private, but this is just to horrible to the part where I'm sure most people [atleast in the gossip circles] should know! So this is what went down..

.Marcela.. is a sweet girl who started creating designs on Stardoll. A lot of people started loving her designs, including mua. They were gorgeous and inexpensive, flowery, and chic! So she told her friend Jenna (emorox4eva) about this. Jenna owns Stardoll's Most Wanted, the biggest Stardoll blog out there! Jenna used the power to promote .Marcela..'s designs, and guess what!?

Somebody's green monster came out.
Which means somebody got super jealous of .Marcela..

So this unamed user, started targeting .Marcela.. Which is where it begins!

Whatever jealous loser. SUPPORT MARCELA BY BUYING HER DESIGNS!!  Oh, and by the way, this graphic is not half bad which means a graphic designer created this. Now, we can only wait and see who it is..

Credit Haus Of Gossip and PSG.


  1. Hmm...it's not really that hard to create a graphic like that, so I have to say, I contradict the fact it was created by a designer. I could probably do something like that (now that's saying something) xD But I find it really SICK there's people like that out there.

  2. Excuse me.. I think I need a bucket..

    Well, anyway, that was just RUDE! I personally like her designs, and I can't believe that someone would do such a thing, but with all the creeps.. maybe not.

    I wonder who did it. They don't even have the guts to put their username.

  3. oh goodness. i dont know what to say to this one...