Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Not a hacker but not decent either . .

Well the story here is that a friend of mime was moving some of her items from her other account to hers as you can see she got three of them but the other 2 . . well you can imagine!
Now we all know that this isnt really a sd crime watch episode but a unspoken rule! Its all about human decency! Put it this way i brought a 1st season le top the other week for a bargain of 50sds, i thought it was 2 good to be true, which of course it was! the girl was in the middle of a trade n had already lost it once to someone else who like me gave it back then i got it 2 which i returned it 2 her aswell! As iv had this happen 2 me before & i didnt get mine back either!! Which is just awful as this person not only loses the item but usually the sds they were paid first for it & then had to give back!
I would love to believe in karma & think that "What goes around comes around" So maybe next time you will think twice if this happens to you . .


  1. That's happened to me before. I've lost to pieces of DKNY and some hot buys earmuffs. Someone also bought my Philosophy boots but gave them back which was lucky for her

  2. never hppened to me when i was ss but wot this is such a low one