Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Returning Reminder

Hey everybody, it's me. I haven't posted in awhile, I promise I'll be back ASAP after all this school madness ends, in a couple weeks or so! Just letting you know I'm still watching.

Friday, 18 February 2011


Hey luvvies just a quick message! Sorry for not posting BUT i have nothing 2 post!!!! WOW have all stardoll hackers gone good?? hehe i doubt it maybe they on holiday!! Anyway just letting everyone know i havent forgot about ya all n ill hopefully have more hackers n scammers 4 ya soon!
ALSO im on the lookout for a NEW WRITER . . maybe 2 . . . !!!

* How to use blogger
* How to edit simple pictures (nothing fancy)
* A witty writing style
* A thick skin (as you will get alot of hassle!)
* Common sense lol
* Good researching skills (checking out storys u get from people)

Absolute must is just someone who wont let me down & is of course a regular stardoll user & blog/club reader!

Just send me a sample post on stardoll (either just a message or if pics please use tinypic)
Thanx so much!

Monday, 7 February 2011


Well if this isnt a sneaky rip off i dont what is!? Someone has been making POSTERS of the dkny scuba dress (which look sooo scarily like the real thing) and selling them for 500sds!! I have blanked out the name as technically i suppose this girl isnt in the wrong, its whoever started this . . .

Well this is a tricky 1 & very hard 2 tell the difference, i know all 2 well from buying what i thought was an old hb top a while ago n it turned out to be a very good fake design!! As i know that feeling wen u spot something old & rare & cheap n u know u have 2 buy it as quickly as you can but
all i can say is ALWAYS just read the name beore you buy!!!! If it says design etc its a fake!! So please be on the lookout & shop quickly but wisely!!

Chatty . . .

Well these two sure dont mess around huh? lol what do you they expect you to say "hi of course my pass is . . . " I mean come on give these gals a little credit they aint stupid . . . unlike a couple i could name 4 thinking that would work! lol

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

I'm Baaack..

Hey everybody.. Guess what..
Your favorite writer is back! (That'd be me, ahem.)

First of all, I'd like to thank the great people who have commitedly sent me death threats and proposed marriage (really, you shouldn't have..) and sorry I haven't gotten back to you! I'm not really planning on replying though.. But thanks, really, and the only reason I am not blocking you is because I'm not fond of my blocked peoples list, I like to keep it at a minimum.. Because everybody deserves a second chance, right? So on with my prospects..

I'm back! So here I go.. This is just an update for now, FYI.

I'm working as a Stardoll PI, you know, undercover.. Just kidding. I'm not cool enough for that CIA and MI6 stuff. But if you have info anonymously (meaning I won't release your name under any condition, trust all around here) there's several ways you can contact me.

Stardoll User: (add me and message me, but I won't accept blank requests.. talk to me in my GB first and we can figure it out, I've just got too many requests and too many creepy people adding me), you know me as iswim19, or my backup ChanelNoir.
Email: This is an email set up for my other blog, but it will work as well.

And if you're not afraid of releasing your identity, its all good! Write in my or Boo's guestbook, or simply post in that amazing textbox Boo has set up (an amazing idea, by the way!). 
I'll be back posting after the last of my midterms.
You know what it is,

Oh, and any football (USA) fans? Superbowl, eh eh?