Monday, 7 February 2011


Well if this isnt a sneaky rip off i dont what is!? Someone has been making POSTERS of the dkny scuba dress (which look sooo scarily like the real thing) and selling them for 500sds!! I have blanked out the name as technically i suppose this girl isnt in the wrong, its whoever started this . . .

Well this is a tricky 1 & very hard 2 tell the difference, i know all 2 well from buying what i thought was an old hb top a while ago n it turned out to be a very good fake design!! As i know that feeling wen u spot something old & rare & cheap n u know u have 2 buy it as quickly as you can but
all i can say is ALWAYS just read the name beore you buy!!!! If it says design etc its a fake!! So please be on the lookout & shop quickly but wisely!!


  1. Hello?! Didn't she see that's a poster, when she was buying this? Stupid ppl, that's all.

  2. Um,shouldn't that girl have seen it was NOT the Scuba Dress.It SHOULD have been in the "Starbaazar Interior"
    So,she should take the blame for herself.
    Either way though,the girl that first made the poster dress should be deleted.That's kinda sick....

  3. do you know the girl who started the poster dress?

  4. Woah. Now that is what I call GENIUS! Who the hell invented this barbaric idea?!? And that girl must be feeling pretty suicidal now she wasted 500sd on a dumbass poster. Only thing to do now is sell the poster for 500sd to someone else and get most of her money back! :D

  5. I know the girl who made the poster...she didn't make them with the intent of people selling them like real scuba dress...she is a amazing stardoll told her to stop making them. It is the people fault who bought them...they could not see that is was part of the interior bazaar b/c the real scammers placed them on a white wall and directed people to their suite not need to at least drag it before you buy it so you can see the tag or that it is a poster

  6. I luv her idea , i'm gonna to do the same xDD no l0l XD'

  7. Yeah I Know too who was making the design,
    But as Love_always4792 already said: She never
    meant to do this.
    She thought It was a nice idea and she sold them
    for only 8/9sd. So please
    don't blame her, she said already sorry and
    she deleted all the designs.

  8. Anyone wanna tell me who was selling the posters? XD

  9. Hey i know this post is very old but can i have the credit where it's due?