Wednesday, 2 February 2011

I'm Baaack..

Hey everybody.. Guess what..
Your favorite writer is back! (That'd be me, ahem.)

First of all, I'd like to thank the great people who have commitedly sent me death threats and proposed marriage (really, you shouldn't have..) and sorry I haven't gotten back to you! I'm not really planning on replying though.. But thanks, really, and the only reason I am not blocking you is because I'm not fond of my blocked peoples list, I like to keep it at a minimum.. Because everybody deserves a second chance, right? So on with my prospects..

I'm back! So here I go.. This is just an update for now, FYI.

I'm working as a Stardoll PI, you know, undercover.. Just kidding. I'm not cool enough for that CIA and MI6 stuff. But if you have info anonymously (meaning I won't release your name under any condition, trust all around here) there's several ways you can contact me.

Stardoll User: (add me and message me, but I won't accept blank requests.. talk to me in my GB first and we can figure it out, I've just got too many requests and too many creepy people adding me), you know me as iswim19, or my backup ChanelNoir.
Email: This is an email set up for my other blog, but it will work as well.

And if you're not afraid of releasing your identity, its all good! Write in my or Boo's guestbook, or simply post in that amazing textbox Boo has set up (an amazing idea, by the way!). 
I'll be back posting after the last of my midterms.
You know what it is,

Oh, and any football (USA) fans? Superbowl, eh eh?

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