Thursday, 20 January 2011

Ooo desperation . .

Wow i am soo shocked to see my desktop EMPTY of hackers 2 post!!!! I had a desktop full which i have over a while been slowly rolling out . . but now my desktop is EMPTY and stardoll seems the same way!!! Wow are we nearly out of a job?!?! lol Im sure the hackers etc will keep us goin soon! Here are the last 2 stragglers left . .

Wow has stardoll been quiet lately .. BUT if you have any hackers, scammers etc that you think people need to know about then we have the NEW CHAT BOX ----------->
The chat is for this purpose ONLY and any nasty comments will be removed pretty quickly so i wudnt waste ur time really lol


  1. << moi on mii spare acc

  2. gross people on dove club. lezz roleplay?!?!?