Tuesday, 11 January 2011

hey & hackers . .

Hiya luvvies
First i am sooooo sorry 4 not posting its just been crazza here! lol
All over christmas & new year i had flu! Nnow i have a exam to revise for (sooo not looking forward to that) atm 2 walls in this room are COVERED in A4 pages of notes & drawings etc lol
But anyway i have a couple of things i wanted 2 just say

Yes i have read about the whole iswm19 post drama, as i have been the 1 getting the seriously rude comments, remarks & getting the hassle about, over something i didnt really even know about!! I have removed the posts, but i would just like to say i understand BOTH sides & im NOT going to be taking sides & i just wanted to say that without iswim19 this blog probably wouldnt still be going!! As you all know iv had ALOT going on & its been so disheartening to visit the blog & see ZERO COMMENTS all the time, so without her this blog would be long gone! So please just put yourself in her shoes 4 1 second & give her a break & me aswell!!!
But i just want to add before anyone says anything i DO NOT agree that she is a scammer as technically she isnt, BUT i do think its really wrong & unfair what she did & deserves to be brought up on that, but i have been in the same position as iswim19 & to be honest i was pretty furious aswell & when we r furious most of us say things maybe we shouldnt, so give ur bloggers a chance please!!
And instead of having 13 comments on that post just 2 have a go how about we see some comments on other posts aswell??? lol It would make my day . .
But anyway i thought as iv become the worlds worst blogger lately i wud chuck a couple of posts in . . .

I must say that im sooooo impressed with seeing all these girls NOT giving out their passes!!! I used 2 hate seeing comments where they were just handing out their passes & next minute they have lost everything!! Nice to know that people are now paying attention & hopefully putting these hackers out of a job!!


  1. That's fair. I believe that what dottymusic did was wrong, but it was not nice for iswim19 to keep on telling us to spam her and then get mad at people because they refused to! thanks for clearing the idea up, though!

  2. This hackers,actually don't give up!It's disgusting,and vile.Hopefully there's some people on stardoll with commen sense.