Monday, 26 July 2010

Uh, obsessive much?

So is this a compliment or a disfavour?
I mean, I do have a blog about Fame Whores.

But this is crossing the line a biiit.
I don't think this girl is a follower - but okay.

Thumbs up please!!

I'm watching you.
 xoxo, ~ S

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Just another hacker . .

Well this 1 is at least straight 2 the point no messing around just another hacker to watch out for . .

New stardoll worker . .

. . Hmm yea or not!!! Who knew stardoll was hiring 10 year olds???

Hacker drops "sister" in it aswell . . .

Well this is a new 1!! Not only have we caught a hacker but as soon as the girl accused her of being a hacker she then came out with " my sister is & she taught me but i did not want her names missladyanna14" . .
Well thats 1 way to try & take the heat off you . . what a wally!!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

"I Like You", -Well I Don't!

Hey, it's Sierra (iswim19) here. Sorry I haven't been posting for awhile, life has been hectic every single day for me recently. I have to, unfortunately, put Stardoll on the backburner but rest assured, I am back, and with me coming back so the creelies and creepers come back also! :(

Oh god. Well, I don't like you back buster!!
Why does it seem so many boys even join Stardoll?
Well, for this one, it's a pedophile site! Stay away!

Oh, and like the new font? Thumbs up, please!!

I'm watching you.
xoxo, ~S

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Tut tut stardoll!!!

So much for them having a sensor i can barely write idiot on there without being sensored so how on earth did this 1 slip through the net?? Wonder if someone fell asleep on the job??
Well at least she got one thing right . . she definatley is a "messed up ******" i have no idea what the stars are ment to say but im sure many of us could come with something creative for that . . lol

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Add me & the blogs on FACEBOOK for the latest from both blogs!

Well i got so fed up with the club on stardoll the messages go out to like 5 people lol sooo
i made an account on facebook where i can post up to date latest news, hackers scammers, shopping & more from BOTH blogs so just send me a request . . . .

Boo-bettz Blogs

P.s the reason it is Boo-bettz Blogs & not Boo4bettz is because good ol fb wont allow the 4 lol

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Sickos, psychos, LOONS oh my . . .

I really dont think that is gonna help u at all . . maybe without the last bit may have got u a little further but still not far enough . .

Well im not really shocked to see this ray of sunshine appear again but i mean seriously how are these kids that nuts to even think of something as sick as this!!!

Stardoll's "vice president"

Hmmm may have helped her case a teeny bit if she had spelt vice president right lmao now we all know (as if we didnt before) that shes probably about 10 years old . . .

Dirty girtys!!

So much for the broadcasts being sensored before they go out!!! Makes you wonder these girls are like in real life . . . .

Waaay to many more hacker names to add to the list!!!

As i havent been able too post as much lately (sorry!) i thought id make it up to everyone with as many new posts as possible! Soo i have aloooot of posts completely taking over my desktop lol Some ive found & most sent from frends i dont know where to begin . .

All of these are just ridiculous they will literally say any story just to rob you . . . pathetic dont ever fall for it!!!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

..And Some Wierd Ones.

Shore... You don't even own makeup. Definitely don't trust this crook! She's obvi going to try to hack whoever falls into her little trap.. I'd hope that no one trusts this one.

*Gasps.* What..? Somebody cursing at Boo? Obvi some creeper | hacker | scammer.. Derhh. Well, not under my watch! You're going down girlie! By me letting the world know to block you!!

I'm watching your every move.
xoxo, ~S`

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Have A Starspangled Evening!

A little off topic from scammers, hackers, and creeps, happy 4th of July to everybody! Here's the message from stardoll. What is everybody doing? I'm getting ready to go to a party, what about you? :)

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Another Poser!

Another poser. OUCH.

This time it's pretending to be Lolita (Miss_LolitaF).

Sad. And Disturbing.

I'm watching you scammers.

xoxo, ~ S


This girl is stalking my friend Lextergal, her username is Lextergal_1. I can't believe it, actually, that a person would go to such extreme lengths to pretend to be somebody he / she isn't. I find it hilarious that somebody would have so much time on their hands.