Sunday, 31 October 2010

Stardoll is just a game!!

Omg , Those people who are being very rude and immature to Boo please stop!
We only enforce the rules and get those people to know not to do things like "naked designs"
If was just for a joke then she should do it just for a joke some where else.
We never men`t for her to get deleted.. we never deleted her.
Its up to stardoll if she gets deleted or not, calling Boo a "hoe" and things and spamming her isn`t going to help anyone.
People that are standing up for lauralu23 obviously are her friends but you don`t need to make a big deal about it.
Stardoll is just a game... and lets keep it that way.

Whats with all the penis's?

These are just some of the comments on her presentation. O.O
This girl called RawrGetSmashed says that she has aids and that she had sex with a shark, I mean really? That's just sick and this girl is a superstar ! I wouldn`t be risking money by writing up a sick presentation.

Stardoll is a site for many age groups but I think if you were younger you wouldn`t want any of that in your head...Disgusting.
There is much more immature things on her presentation take a look and tell me what you think.


Wow ok so i take it its about someone called laura i posted?????
HOLY crap how sad are these girls!!!!!
Can i make a few points
2nd - if this "laura" had just come n said she made the "design" as a joke then i would have removed it from the blog no problem! As ALOT of now readers will tell u after misunderstandings!!!
3rd - This just really shows how sad u all must be!!!!
O & btw stardoll know all about it this blog as many people have written and told them that they should look at what people are posting on stardoll!


ALSO if she got deleted tha SI NOT my fault!!! If i had acctually said REPORT HER then it would be my fault!!!! which I DIDNT!!! Hve you not thought that its the other users who thought her deigns were disgusting!??!?!?!

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Dirty Hoe? Sounds like something a gardner should be using, Lol !

Dirty Hoe? You must have alot of spare time to find that one person that does`t even look dirty nor hoe'eyyish but you post this in there guest book anyway. People like this are just not cool at all . Stop waisting yah time and get off stardoll !
Hey everyone im a new writer for TheUglySideOfStardoll so you can give Boo4Bettz and bit of a break and start sending your scammers ect to me ! :]

NEW game . . .

. . . How many lies can you fit in 1 comment?
1 - "boyfriend beiber"
2 - theres a prob in your account
3 - im gna fix your "systun"
4 - your "systun" is blocking hers
Well thats not bad 4 a minimum word count! Do people like this really think this crap will work!!! I think we can all tell your about 9 & ur talking out of ur a**! lol

Well . . .

What can i say to this whack-a-doodle really?? Stuff like this reeally makes me wonder just how nuts some people on stardoll really are!?!?

Vicious copycat . . .

Well that is really going 2 far!! This poor girl has done nothing wrong n this is what happens! Iv had quite alot of other people lately saying this has happened to them aswell! But the worst part is some of their own friends dont even believe them! Well girls they aint your real friends if they believe this crap & ur better off without them!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Hmmmm . . . .

Well the fact that u find my DOLL, which is basically a cartoon picture "HOT" Is rather disturbing, thats like me saying "Im in love with elmer fudd . . . " Ummm not gna happen . .
And as for "asking me out" in my gb . . . not even if you were acctually elmer fudd!

Hacker vs hacker . .

I no this 1 is from a coupld of months ago but someone sent it & i just had 2 post!!

Hmmm can u imagine that full on convo . . "u give me your pass . . no u give me urs . . i dont hack honest . . i dont hack either . . . . ." It would just be never ending! LOL

Toooo funny!!

Hmmm well "honey" when they start doing stardoll boob jobs ill be sure 2 be the 1st in line!! LOL
I cant really say trawling for "guys" on a FASHION SITE is really my favorite past time! Maybe i should give you some advice . . Get a life . . o but make sure its all about what the guy prefers wouldnt want you to have to think for yourself now would we!?!

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Just a quick thanx . .

Ello gals just wanted to say thankyoo for ALL the hackers/scammers/weirdos/loonys/nutjobs/pervs/creeps etc etc that you all keep sending!!! Its great to know you all keep an eye out 4 em n send em on to me or iswim19 to be posted!
Just wanted to let people know if you have sent me items which have not yet been posted there are reasons why . . .
* They are on my desktop SOMEWHERE waiting to be posted, and i will try n get 2 em asap! (my WHOLE desktop is covered in hacker pics lol)
* There just isnt enough 2 warrant posting them on here (BUT i always keep an eye on em if i dont have enough as they always mess up in the end!)
So thankyou again & as always thankyou for reading the blog!
Also its GREAT to see more commenters! Love to hear your thoughts on the posts!
Boo & Iswim19

Nice presentation . .

Now i know boys are beyond fascinated with us ladys but this is going little too far!! And as for the stratigically placed words . . Just wrong!!
(p.s Sorry about how off the pic is but my printscreening was a little wonky! lol)

Hmm bit of a coinky-dink?

Im sure you all remember this post from 1 day ago . .
well not only were those 2 girls both scammed out 2500sds for a mka jacket now another girl has come 2 me after being scammed again out of 2500sds for the mka jacket . .
What do you think? complete coincidence or 3 of a kind??
My opinion . . after all these years on stardoll . . when is anything like this ever just coincidence?!

Hmm how stupid she think people are??

Hmm well this girl has copied a good friend of mine's presentation & doll (without the fab style of course!) and the has the cheek to write that she has copied her . .
Almost believable until i went n got a shot of this . .
LOL the fact that the original girl has been on here for 4 YEARS n uv been a member for a few days just really doesnt quite add up does it luv?

Here's An Idea, Get OVER YOURSELF.

Once again I find myself staring at my computer screen typing. Although I can't say I am totally unhappy with being here, but I am bummed. The sun went under the clouds, the sky is gloomy, my back hurts, and I feel sick to my stomach because cranberry juice isn't working with me right now. So let's make this simple, before all these pervs make me throw up. My cranberry juice is already on the verge of doing that, so let's make this short and sweet so I can go to the mall tonight. Augh, where's my asprin?

Hm. Good for you. But don't you think this is rather bothersome to most of us? That's why I don't just add random people to my friends list. For very good reason, ofcourse.

Well obviously somebody's been hanging out with the wrong people. But obviously this person got quite a bit of rebuttal, huh?

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Life Ain't No Highway, I Ain't Goinna Ride It..

Well to express my deepest regrets to the readers, I'm sorry for not posting! I have schoolwork, and a life, and well, it's quite difficult to balance one as I do spend more time on Facebook than Stardoll these days. Anyhow, it's very annoying to me that I never get to post as well. So, remembering that I do cherish the hours I get to sleep, I have decided to let out the guilt and make a quickie post. Here I go.. Oh, and don'tcha like the title? I love it. Oh and heres the rest! Life ain't no highway, I ain't going to ride it all night long..

Alright then.. YOU KNOW, UR_NOT_2, THAT IF YOU DIDNT EXIST, I WOULD BE SLEEPING RIGHT NOW! So go away. For the sake of my sleeping. Kaaaay? Good.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

2 girls both now 2500sds richer!!!

Both of these girls are now 2500sds richer, n not by doing it the normal way but by scamming . .

bu_ny sold 2500sds worth of junk & was then ment to put up the collard sweater which as you can see she didnt!! She tryed to say that someone else had brought it!!!
annusiaz also scammed 2500sds . . i know the conversation is a little confusing but here is the story from the girl she scammed . .
"She came to me and wrote that it mk jacket and want trade.I wrote that she send request. Then she wrote that want to sell and that Agnefis bid 5500 then I said her ok I will buy for 6000.Deal.But we deal that half/half when I buy 5 for 500 then she sell MK jacket for 500 and I will buy 6 items for 500.But when I bought 5 items she do not sell jacket but hidden and later logout."

So after seeing both of these i hope that you gals will be more careful with who you trade with!!
In my experience if . .
* Your not sure
* It doesnt feel right
* They keep messing you around
then usually they are up to something!!! So 1 thing i say is ALWAYS TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!! Even if ur just a little unsure better to just leave it than risk it!

Monday, 18 October 2010


Why thankyoooo :) I loove my curves n aint proud to admit it! :P & thanx ur outfit or lack of looks like the cat dragged it in n then spat it back out again!!!


This 1 doesnt want you password/email/blah/blah she wants YOUR ADDRESS & PHONE NUMBER?!?!?!?
I really do hope that EVERYONE knows to NEVER give out any of your personal information!!
You must never give out . .
* Password
* email / change email
* ANY information from inside your account atall
* Which security system your computer uses
* Your real FULL name
* Your address
* Phone number
* Or ANY other personal information about yourself
I no most of em r talking complete crap but is it really worth taking that risk?? Im 100% certain that some on stardoll are REAL sickos!!


Wow wud u go into the real world n ask a 21 year old woman if they "wanna be your girlfriend"? Umm yea thought not!! Find ur knackers n go out a find a REAL girlfriend instead of searching a FASHION site for 1!

New "designers"

I must say i really dont get the fascination of all these homemade naked clothes! Yes us girls/ladys have boobs jeez grow up!!!!
Maybe they have wishful thinking or just a plain dirty mind?? what do you think?

Sunday, 17 October 2010


This is the jacket this girl has just scammed from a good friend of mine, who is also a well known safe trader on stardoll & just a honest & sweet girl!!
I knew i recognised her name! As im about 95% sure i have posted her on here waaay back a while ago!!
At this very moment she is posting broadcasts on stardoll about trading i would like to say DO NOT TRADE WITH THIS GIRL SHE WILL SCAM YOU!!

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Hello, Goodbye, You Must Be Going

Hello there! I've felt soo bad not posting! I've been very busy in school, high school is a tough place! Anyhow, today, I've been helping my friend Gweneee in her covergirl campaign, and found some EVIL people leaving very mean guestbook comments. VOTE GWENEEE for Covergirl!!

I don't even want to KNOW what she meant there. What a disgusting little girl.

Haha.  C'mon, you dad does not own Stardoll! Get REAL.

Cool. Cool.

Well, just talk about plain mean! This person is absolutely horrid!

Friday, 15 October 2010

Enough to make me peed off!!

Right now before i start my rant (which im sure it could end up being) I would like to say before i get looads of comments moaning about it . .
TO DO A MAKEOVER YOU DO NOT NEED A PASSWORD!!!!!! (i do them on my other blog ALL the time & refuse to ever take anyones pass!!! even when they ask me 2!!!)
As far as im concerned AND so is stardoll that is attempting to hack!!!
So here is something i think people need to see . .
This lovely girl was asked if she wanted a makeover but only for her password & nickname, when she replied no & i will be reporting you for asking this then happened . . . Now im all for sticking up for your friends, you need to on sd!!! but DONT TRY 2 STICK UP FOR A HACKER you will never get far on stardoll with "friends" like that!
This lovely girl was 1 tough cookie and really stood up for herself! which is 2 dam right!! I wish everyone else on stardoll would do this & all i can say is YOU GO GIRL!

But i also want to say to mickiemousie280, shyflorence, MaryKateperson, j.lee346 & ParrotKite (yes thats right i have named & shamed you! which as all the readers know i would never normally do as i suppose "technically" they havent done anything wrong) That as far as im concerned you are just as bad as she is for harrassing her for NOT giving out her password to HER OWN account!!! How dare you make her feel bad for that!!! Maybe you should try being friends with some of decent people on stardoll instead of making friends with someone like that & ending up on here! You should ashamed of yourselves!

Ummmmmm NOOO!!!

Yet again stardoll is being used as a dating site!! The worst part is what if he really is 18 . . . & hes trawling a site full of girls some only about 10! Thats is pretty dam sick! Even worse is all the girls who are looking for a "boyfriend" on stardoll . . seriously bad idea!!

The Unlucky & the "fame" hungry. . .

Wow am i getting popular amoungst all these hackers n loons . . . no matter what ya say, gals are still gonna send these pics 2 me as they know people need 2 see em!
Fact is if your trying to hack someone, then there is a very good chance you will end up here! & as for "i will put my WHOLE gang on you" well thats just something a 5yr old would say . . you may aswell have sed im gonna tell my mommy on you!
And this 1 . . "fame" hungry much! there ya go ur posted enjoy ur 10 seconds of fame, maybe you should try n be noticed for something other then being a total loonytune??

Lovely . . .

Just a quick note -
I just want to apologise for not posting as often as i should but as always soo busy! But anyway i also want to try n find out just how many people are reading the blog?? As im not seeing barely any comments, visits etc & im wondering if it is maybe time to say goodbye to both of the blogs? I feel like im writing to myself half the time lol
Anyway here are few new posts for ya . .
Soo great way to start . . .

I just managed to catch this a min ago (you can see how quick i had to be by how faded it was wen i clicked lol) But well it was just long enough fpr me 2 be shocked! Just disgusting! Its a fashion site not a dam internet kids dating site!!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Random loony corner . . .

I think the title and their posts say it all!!! lol

Just when u think you got some peace . .

Just when i thought the little madam who is mileycyrus9 was out of my life & gb for good i get shown this . .
Im sure you all remember the whole fiasco of her telling people 2 report me for hacking coz she lied n blah blah then she admitted she lied n i thought that was the end of it . .
Until last week when i had a message in my gb from her saying something along the lines of " Hi i have been on holiday my cousin has been on my account"
I mean come on seriously??? IM 21 NOT 2!!! Im sooo not gonna fall for that!! durr
lol well anyway i then blocked her n hoped that wud be the last time i heard her name n then im sent this from a friend Shows just how much trouble 1 girl will go to, to cover up her mistakes!
N shows that no matter how much u try n get rid of the loon they will always reappear grrr lol
Also notice that the video is from someone called mileycyrus9 hmm wonder who ever posted it . . . . . .

Thursday, 7 October 2010

It Occured To Me..

It ocurred to me that I should actually be reporting people.. Haha. I guess I thought that posting would fill my community service quota. I GUESS NOT. Hey, here's an idea, help me out? Please? I'll finish my ranting now.. So we've got our lovely friend ghghghghg3 who is back in town to finish up his/her dirty work. Alright, well, heres my response.. I blocked you from contacting me. Herrrrrrrrr. So if you're getting nasty messages, girls and guys, just block 'em for future reference.

Okay. Okay. Byyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeebyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Liar, Liar.

Well, although I did say that I only had enough time to post things like this on weekends, well, I LIED! Sorry readers, but today was a slower day for me. Well, what I meant was that I am lacking homework to fill the empty void I call my LIFE. So I guess I'm going to post about some other people with extremely devoid lives (I mean, HELLO, stop hacking people and do something productive!), to fill up my life. Sound good? Good. So I neglected to mention I boarded a plane to a popular place.. it's called Pervert City. You know the phrase, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?" WELL, what happens and Pervert City DOES NOT, in fact, stay in Pervert City. I have eyes and ears everywhere, and I'm about to dish. Oh, does it sound like gossip to you? I hope it turns you on to my writing and maybe in the midst of all this you can find some nightly entertainment.

Awh. Online love. How it blossoms. How it never happens. How one person always ends up dead and the other in jail. Get my drift? It never works out. So people, get it into you miniscule little heads, no sense of trying. I guess you're so ugly you can't show your face to real girls. Duuh.

So mr ghghghghgh3 or whatever is harassing this perfectly lovely girl DearLadyJane. Why, I imagine, is beyond reasoning. I can't even bring myself to understand the slightest bit of how these perverts act this way. Honestly. Find someone real. And Jesus, do you want to get deleted on Stardoll? 'Cause you're just asking for negative support.

Goooo DearLadyJane, go girl power! Yeah, I am going all cheerleader on you. Got a problem wiff that? I have nothing against doing a good cheer powow now and then. But however, I find the best response to these pervs is just to ignore and block them. Foh reall.

And I was going to save you for my Saturday night posting until you decided to comment in my guestbook all about what you're going to do to my sweet little dolly. Nicee try. Oh, and did I mention I have a boyfriend? Yeahh, I need congratulations, it sounds delicious in my ears. Keenan and I are like inseperablee. Stick like glue. <3 So that makes me happy. And my life is close to complete.

So sayonora, suckers, and readers! I'm going to go to bed now!