Monday, 11 October 2010

Just when u think you got some peace . .

Just when i thought the little madam who is mileycyrus9 was out of my life & gb for good i get shown this . .
Im sure you all remember the whole fiasco of her telling people 2 report me for hacking coz she lied n blah blah then she admitted she lied n i thought that was the end of it . .
Until last week when i had a message in my gb from her saying something along the lines of " Hi i have been on holiday my cousin has been on my account"
I mean come on seriously??? IM 21 NOT 2!!! Im sooo not gonna fall for that!! durr
lol well anyway i then blocked her n hoped that wud be the last time i heard her name n then im sent this from a friend Shows just how much trouble 1 girl will go to, to cover up her mistakes!
N shows that no matter how much u try n get rid of the loon they will always reappear grrr lol
Also notice that the video is from someone called mileycyrus9 hmm wonder who ever posted it . . . . . .


  1. How old is she? Little squirm-nose :P I'm good at making up names aren't I? lol xXx

  2. Just one word is enough to describe her... Fail.

  3. @Magdaleena Yupp, you got that rite :P