Friday, 1 October 2010

It's That Time Again..

writer. information. juiced. not from concentrate.

So now that our looong schoolweek has passed by, we can focus on Stardoll.. and well, things that, sort of matter. It's that time again , ladies and gentlemen, to recognize those Stardoll Stinkers you'd rather not have around (or wish they weren't around, hello? poof.), so are you ready? Remember to guestbook me if you think that there is some information that could be shared on blogs. I do check comments every so often, but there is a pretty fat chance that I won't check comments. Like right now? I'm too lazy. It's eleven p.m. right now where I live, I would love to get some sleep, if it wasn't for Owl City and insomnia, I would never in my right mind be up at this hour, so I'm going to keep this short, simple, and sweet for everybody so I can get my good night's rest, and you can get yours! Oops, do I sound cranky? Oh, whoops, I am! So here's a message, for those Stardoll scammers and hackers, do us all a favour, stop messing around, and let everybody sleep tight for once, please? NOTE: this email will hack your Stardoll!

Right. Because she only has time to hack 50 people. Aiming quite high, huh? Won't be long before karma catches up to this girl.. Keep away from any BestFreckles you see out there! This email does not work! It will only hack your account.



  2. OMG! That little ...well, like you did, I'll keep the language cclleeaann... made another account called: BestFreckles2
    Here's proof:
    She made a NEW account, and broadcasted with that, little.....well, nothing is bad enough compared to hackerz.... D:

  3. I aw that too! The girl was broadcasting like crazy, and some very 'famous' stardoll members were visiting her, I hope none of them did it... Well, there was her hour of fame.

  4. Kinda stupid. No-one in there right mind would do that! (I hope) Does she have a brain?

  5. Well, I have no idea if a bitchy hacker has a brain...

  6. i too saw this gal broadcasting..