Thursday, 21 October 2010

Life Ain't No Highway, I Ain't Goinna Ride It..

Well to express my deepest regrets to the readers, I'm sorry for not posting! I have schoolwork, and a life, and well, it's quite difficult to balance one as I do spend more time on Facebook than Stardoll these days. Anyhow, it's very annoying to me that I never get to post as well. So, remembering that I do cherish the hours I get to sleep, I have decided to let out the guilt and make a quickie post. Here I go.. Oh, and don'tcha like the title? I love it. Oh and heres the rest! Life ain't no highway, I ain't going to ride it all night long..

Alright then.. YOU KNOW, UR_NOT_2, THAT IF YOU DIDNT EXIST, I WOULD BE SLEEPING RIGHT NOW! So go away. For the sake of my sleeping. Kaaaay? Good.


  1. Honestly, no one cares..
    You're just pathetic bunch of writers who take some of this the wrong way... -.o

    And also, I think the majority of members on stardoll already know that it's full with pathetic little cxxts. so I don't see why you feel the need to post them..
    If you have a problem with them, just report them to stardoll? seriously..

  2. to anonymous (really?? lol) if you dont care dont read!
    And maybe if you think that nobody cares you should try telling that to the 100s!!! of people who send us these sickos/hackers/scammers/loonys in the first palce and the MANY more who this blog has helped in the time its been running!
    also report to stardoll really?? what so they can do ummmm NOTHING!

  3. I don't read it to be quite fair.

    And are you that thick?
    they can report people. -.-

  4. hmm u dont read it & yet u just so happened to come back to read the reply!!! pfft
    yes but they dont! There are hackers and scammers that are still on stardoll after scamming non stop for years!!! so iv told you if you dont like it dont read it & dont bother wasting your time because 2 be quite honest ur opinion means nothing compared 2 all the thankyous i get from people the blog has helped!

  5. OHMYGOSH! I was running covergirl today and I saw this request:

    HELP! I want the perves to leave me alone!! ;[

  6. visit JACKSONDYNASY. I can`t understand any thing.Maybe you can find something :P visit tattoosara she said "I am hacked" I don`t trust her. michelevictoria says "HI I READ YOUR ALBUM IT ****S " to her :P sorry I have very bad english because I am from turkey. kittencat12

  7. The Anonymous One23 October 2010 at 12:08

    Look What I found. A Great Scam And Chain Letter>>>>> A Waste of time

  8. look at the replys that he got, nice to know that there are people with a tasteful mind that will stand up for thier friends: