Friday, 15 October 2010

The Unlucky & the "fame" hungry. . .

Wow am i getting popular amoungst all these hackers n loons . . . no matter what ya say, gals are still gonna send these pics 2 me as they know people need 2 see em!
Fact is if your trying to hack someone, then there is a very good chance you will end up here! & as for "i will put my WHOLE gang on you" well thats just something a 5yr old would say . . you may aswell have sed im gonna tell my mommy on you!
And this 1 . . "fame" hungry much! there ya go ur posted enjoy ur 10 seconds of fame, maybe you should try n be noticed for something other then being a total loonytune??


  1. Thank Goodness for putting up girlycats1003, I fuckin hate it wen she sent me that message, i didn't know who u were until now, So i sent u this link, she better pay for this !

  2. I saw that random homo in ur guestbook 2day (ignaciopoop) is their brain made of chewing gum? If they wanna swear and put words only mass-murderers like to use in messages/gb comments, they might as well spell em right so we get the right meaning-in my opinion ***** gets to me more cuzz u don't know what they put under there :( on the plus side, its gives u a better chance of reporting them succesfully :) Either way, we shall unite together and rid Stardoll clean of these dirty rats, banish em forever. Personally, I think Stardoll's a great way of finding criminals, the nasty ones that swear and do horrible things are the ones that should be locked up along the likes of the terrorists and theives. But the thing is stardoll never does anything about it, just blocks em. There should be like a jail on stardoll with the ppl's me-doll pictured locked up behind bars with a box sayin 'Todays featured criminal' and we should be able to comment, lol that would be funny xD

  3. ooo i love that idea waat too much lol
    watch this space . . .

  4. u should be sooo scared! haha what a loser