Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Fakers . .

Just lately i have been getting ALOT of posts from people who have come across "CELEBS" on stardoll who when called out turn into the 10yr old loon they really are so . .
I just want to say if they are not on stardoll as a "Real Celeb" Then they are not a celeb!! LOL Best way is to just let em all get on with it in there own little fantasys! lol


  1. first comment.. and ohh wow.. thats stupid .. why would you pretend to be a celebrity.. fake people

  2. If people are doing it for a joke, they should say it is one after a while, not carry on being prats and expect us to believe them lol. Stupid noodlefaces...

  3. wow what a faker,and i noticed that its said when it was posted in russian .